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flu based ordering decisions: i placed some bids on the legend of spyro games earlier

and already won one of them

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bad ideas if still feeling dizzy: watching a :gex_2: 64 TAS run mostly on 2x speed (but pausing to remind self of the level puns)

also this is very weird without the reminder that it is, in fact, tail time

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i kind of want to start a blog where i look at every single thing on my steam wishlist, ask myself why i put it on there in the first place, and if it still needs to be there

my head is swimming

I have a script that installs things using the built in support in Windows 10.

As it turns out, the built in support doesn't work properly for a lot of programs at the moment.
(Gonna adjust the script to try using the built in support to install Chocolatey itself, then use choco.exe instead)

desktop update: ended up doing a refresh rather than a full wipe.

it's kind of weird what settings got left, what settings didn't get maintained, and after a file copy, what got partially maintained but not properly

telegram working, but running from Windows.old instead of AppData

shortcuts that exist in the taskbar folder, but not on the taskbar, and pinning again results in new shortcuts with the title "<program> (2)"

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ATTENTION, Public Service Announcement: Do not upgrade your npm. Do not upgrade to 5.7.0, released yesterday.

It changes file permissions of /etc, /boot, /user, … when run with sudo. Avoid, duck, cover, whimper.

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"Want to come in," the first dragon said, "and see my hoard of gold?"
"You still sleep on gold?" said the other.
"So what are you on, Bitcoin?"
"Hardly. I hoard pillows."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

by the time I get home, my desktop boot drive should have finished robocopy-ing to my external drive.

I have not yet decided whether to try a refresh or to just wipe it.
As I saw the file names and folders flash by (for the parts I was there/awake for), I saw a whole bunch of accumulated junk - the mentions of Toshiba meaning that the Windows install on here originally belonged to an old (2009 at least, possibly older) laptop before that HDD was moved to my desktop, then cloned to a SSD.

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Remember the giant floating cow head that carried the teenage mutant Ninja turtles around in their mouth?

Cause I just did and wow

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I just saw an ad using a dial-up modem handshake to advertise that they make me a wizard