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Dex @Dex

I'm honestly impressed by the amount of work MS has put into this - making it so existing accessible gaming devices with a 3.5mm jack work with it rather than trying to sell new ones, making it easy to reconfigure on the fly, making it affordable and supported in a way that previously hacked together controllers might not be.

@Dex least someone's doing something about this!

@Dex I gotta say, very much same, and i'm actually really proud of them for doing this. If this thing is any good, that'll seal the deal. I really hope it will be and I really hope it lets people game comfortably no matter what their physical ability to use a controller... Just hoping they price it reasonably too :/

@Nine It mentions in the article that it's $99. I don't know the relative costs to compare, but since it sounds like a lot of current accessibility devices are handmade and hacked together from standard controller parts + other things, it seems reasonable.

@Dex Once I read the article yeah I was like "holy shit that's reasonably priced plus it works on windows and xbox, PLUS it's effectively massively expandable, PLUS it looks good AND it looks well designed" and I'm just... like...
I mean cynically, they're capturing a market that's woefully untapped so it's good business, but still... I appreciate them doing this...

@Nine @Dex sometimes a thing is genuinely both good business and good humanity :) I know a lot of folks at my work feel that way about accessibility (we have to do it because our customers need it, but we also care about it personally)