super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

picked this up last night because i've heard the nintendo created levels are meant to be good and it's not that expensive now

everything feels a bit more cramped than the wii u version (including my hands), but there is a full tutorial mode rather than just the manual - including discussion of what makes good course design, which helps the creation part a lot (though you can't upload your creations)

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

the nintendo levels are fun, and fairly different to other recent 2D mario games as they're having to work within mario maker's framework

each nintendo course has two challenges (which could be get to the goal with X seconds left on the clock, kill only piranha plants and not the goombas they've been stacked on, or find hidden blocks to avoid using warp pipes)

you can only edit the course once you clear both challenges, so you can't cheat for hidden items

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

i do hope super mario maker 2 has a similar system that the community can use as well, and maybe cash those challenge items in for mystery mushroom outfits rather than grinding the 100 mario challenge

(also that smm2 is fully backwards compatible with all smm wii u courses)

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

just got "beat this level without pushing ⬅" and realized the potential for sonic levels now that smm2 has slopes

(with challenges like this, it's easier to clear them without doing the challenge first and go back to them in coursebot later - keeping a high life counter in the main nintendo level mode feels like it'll be important, while coursebot doesn't care about your 1ups)

also the remixes of the smw map music are pretty cool

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

ok, who approved level 3-4

(if you've ever played a mario maker level with a whole bunch of lakitu throwing winged fireballs, it's just that)

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

i do like how it gives gameplay tips as well for people who might not be familiar with some of the game styles (e.g. pressing R to slightly extend jumps in the NSMBU style)

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

I do appreciate that levels so far still have the design philosophy of introducing the level's mechanic in a safe way, then piling on additional complexity
even the lakitu fire ball tossing one starts off with just a few and then ramps it up, and there's still a few in there throwing mushrooms

just played through a fun one with trampolines, ice, and a lot of crouch jumping through tight spaces

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

also tried out 100 mario challenge, which is more disappointing in this version than I thought
when you beat a level, there's no info about how many have played / beaten
no view of stars received, no option to give one
no course ID to look up the course on the Mario Maker website or the Wii U version
no ability to download and see what makes it tick

find a really fun level? congratulations on beating it, now it's gone forever

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

one bad thing - they still haven't quite figured out how unlocking course elements should work, and that does make me a bit worried for that aspect of SMM2

In the original release of SMM, new course elements were dripfed to you over the course of a week (I believe this got patched out at some point)

In 3DS, they're tied to completion of the Nintendo levels
And it'd be one thing if you beat a course with that element and then got access to it, but...

super mario maker for nintendo 3ds 

I've seen Bowser Jr. and pink (key) coins be used in nintendo courses
yet I can't use them until completing all nintendo courses including the bonus world

to me it would have made more sense to tie (some) course elements to the creation tutorials?
and unlock others after you see them being used in a level once?

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