pokemon sw/sh leaks, full dex discussion 

if the 400 we've got is all we're getting... I was very worried about past-gen starters and legendaries when I heard about the cuts, & I was right to be - in terms of starters I was at least expecting Bulbasaur and Squirtle to make the cut thinking that you couldn't have the Charmander line without the others, but I guess Game Freak sees Pikachu and Eevee as the other Kanto starters.

It's going to be fascinating what impact this has on competitive play.

pokemon sw/sh leaks, full dex discussion (including datamine) 

OK, there’s a few extra additions including the other Kanto starters (and the Alola ones, so hurray, Protean Greninja is back!), as well as some legendaries and mythicals. I guess all of these will only be available via Home.

Still some odd omissions - Lugia apparently features prominently in an early episode of the new anime series, for example.

Surprised at how many moves have been cut as well though

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