Pokémon Sw/Sh, Dynamaxing (+) 

I think this is the element of these games that has surprised me most - before launch I was expecting to hate it, thinking it'd be a 3 turn z-move without the item restriction for any hint of balance

but it turns out the item restriction was part of the reason I never used z-moves - my in-game lead always has the amulet coin once I find it
additionally the moves themselves don't seem quite as OP as z-moves were - along with having potentially more effect in doubles

Pokémon Sw/Sh, Dynamaxing (+) 

I'm still doing gyms without it for added challenge (and to see if there's any additional dialogue from doing so, which there hasn't been so far - while characters would remark on not using z-moves), but I'm using it a lot in max raid battles to speed them up
(don't know how it'll be in competitive play/the battle tower of course)

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Pokémon Sw/Sh, Dynamaxing (+) 

Also enjoying max raids a lot more than the Go equivalent - I like consistent methods of catching Pokémon, and max raids mean not having to try turn 1 quick balls or bringing a false swiper

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