apollo justice: ace attorney 

there was a deal on on app store gift cards, so decided to finally play through the one (officially released in English) ace attorney game I hadn't

it was alright? it feels like there were some really unearned leaps of logic, but at this point, i have a spoiler free walkthrough up most of the time during the trials after case 1 - I'm just playing for the story

third case went on a bit too long and repeated the same fmv a few too many times


apollo justice: ace attorney 

also i kind of wish they'd done more with the time travel concept in later games? even if presenting this simulation of the past might not be the most admissable thing

apollo justice: ace attorney 

oh yeah, forgot to mention

this is probably the most overboard they went with "we're on the DS now, we can do 3D case visualizations!"

all of them look pretty bad playing through now - i was playing on iOS, so the higher resolution won't have helped

apollo justice: ace attorney (major spoilers) 

seriously though

judge: this is a test case of a new legal system, everyone is watching, so be on your best behaviour
phoenix wright: picks a test case he has a deep personal connection to, relying on a simulation that we are led to assume is objective but is still made by him and likely not based on recordings, picking a jurist who even in their post-amnesia personality still treated the defence attorney as a friend...

apollo justice: ace attorney (major spoilers) 

likely not based on recordings for the 7 years ago part at least, the modern part was

while it does ultimately clear wright of his gross misconduct, it's hard to argue it not further contributing to the whole dark age of the law thing by this test only working for the few and not the many

also on a gameplay thing, i did like prosecutor gavin having a friendlier relationship with apollo than phoenix does with most prosecutors

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