futurama (post reboot) 

i picked up a used copy of the full series DVDs for futurama the other day for a cheap price, and so decided to watch a few of the season 5 episodes since i've seen nothing past the specials

it's weird already

on the one hand you've got some genuinely sweet character moments caused by the "will they, won't they" aspect being (largely) dropped
on the other hand you've got "we're on a new network, so every episode better have someone get naked and/or say porno"

futurama (post reboot) 

and on the other, other hand, you've got "those kids and their iphones", "doesn't susan boyle look and sound funny" (reasonably sure the voice was done by a cis guy to hammer the point home), and fry being incredibly casually racist, all in the same episode

and because i've been ripping the DVDs, i've also had to look at episode summaries and i will be absolutely amazed if this is handled at all sensitively

futurama (post reboot) 

@Dex It's handled as a bunch of weak jokes. There's something fun in how much the alien doesn't care about the 'experiment' and is just messing around. And the gender-neutral versions of the characters look great. But, gah, *any* random Mastodon thread would be more insightful and have better jokes.

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