futurama (post reboot) 

and on the other, other hand, you've got "those kids and their iphones", "doesn't susan boyle look and sound funny" (reasonably sure the voice was done by a cis guy to hammer the point home), and fry being incredibly casually racist, all in the same episode

and because i've been ripping the DVDs, i've also had to look at episode summaries and i will be absolutely amazed if this is handled at all sensitively

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saints row (2022), #FeelBoss 

i feel like this is as good as i'm getting without the final game to see what other options are available in terms of full face coverings - given that boss factory is missing a lot of the helmet options that have been in the trailers

non-binary flannel + saints; can you tell that i like purple
(it's a good thing i do because i might need the respect bonus :v )

conventions, covid anxiety 

in that period of "hoping for no whammies"

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sam & max, vrchat world exploration 

is there any telltale/skunkape game where this enemies list is actually legible on the office bulletin board

work (+ve) 

feels good to have a day like this for once

crossposting - with permission from/apologies to saiyanhajime@birdsite

found the "work ID" i made for scalie.business the other day

i guess my account over there got closed for inactivity? which makes sense

macro, crush/violence, video game joke 

balancing out between toony macro and friends that like red dots by there being green splotches instead

"ah, you got the SNES version"

corporate VR 

also posted it on birdsite but worth adding to this thread as well: thinking about 3D worlds replacing 2D interfaces that didn’t need to be replaced reminded me of an already existing experiment in doing so

with everyone’s favourite pause menu

(i am actually somewhat curious if this would be more usable in first person but i suspect would still be suboptimal for most of the things it does)

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birdsite doing its best to make new tweet notifications absolutely useless might help encourage me to spend more time over here

(before today this would have had the actual content of the tweet including any images, rather than just the profile photo)

my commissions, weird, chubby, mini-macro, fourth wall breaks, merging, multi 

A wonderful merging comm with (and by) @artie_nuki@birdsite!

It’s not something I’ll admit to liking often but sometimes you need to be closely hand-in-hand

moving all the important files over to my new home NAS

gift art, strong 

an amazing gift from @poetfox, drawn by twitter.com/catarazzo !

christmas, secret santa gifts 

i got some pride pins and dragons from my secret santa gifts, among other things!

(i already had this particular spyro figure, but now i've got one for my desk at work!)

"huh? yeah, i know how fluffy i look at this time in the morning"

an extra soft sketch from @softdragons2@birdsite !!

Here's an incredibly cute chibi commission from @Technojara ! Hide your old CRT monitors!

my commissions, micro, shrinking 

and here we have a nice slow relaxing shrink from one of @goattrain ‘s potions! much as being big is fun, there’s times when it’s just nice to chill out and feel your clothes draping off

my commissions, macro, minor destruction, fancy suit, ballgown 

Some big outfits drawn by @goattrain that i’m too tired to fully explain right now!

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