moving all the important files over to my new home NAS

gift art, strong 

an amazing gift from @poetfox, drawn by !

christmas, secret santa gifts 

i got some pride pins and dragons from my secret santa gifts, among other things!

(i already had this particular spyro figure, but now i've got one for my desk at work!)

"huh? yeah, i know how fluffy i look at this time in the morning"

an extra soft sketch from @softdragons2@birdsite !!

Here's an incredibly cute chibi commission from @Technojara ! Hide your old CRT monitors!

my commissions, micro, shrinking 

and here we have a nice slow relaxing shrink from one of @goattrain ‘s potions! much as being big is fun, there’s times when it’s just nice to chill out and feel your clothes draping off

my commissions, macro, minor destruction, fancy suit, ballgown 

Some big outfits drawn by @goattrain that i’m too tired to fully explain right now!

finally got a new usb-c adapter for micro computer (i’ve never fully trusted the one it came with, but it will appear to brick if fed anything other than a 12V supply - and other usb-c power adapters I own only supply 5V/9V/15V)

which now that i’ve got it on again means windows updates

which are as optimised as ever for this form factor

also, honk

(huge thanks to @BlurTheFur for this! i think they're still doing requests for these over on birdsite

this is perhaps the most extra way of telling e3 2000 workers that they set the demo up wrong

(i guess if this was also distributed to press separately it might have been needed there as well?)

my commissions, macro, karts, poor attempts at pretending to be a brand farming for nostalgia 

Who remembers playing this on their Ultra 64?

spyro reignited pc 

the other impact can be collision with this debug trigger that pops up a balloonist menu with all worlds unlocked despite my save only being in peace keepers

i actually thought this got patched out of the console versions from watching that GDQ showcase (unless they patched the out of bounds method rather than the debug trigger?)

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spyro reignited pc, examples of the changesize console command 

trying out large sizes has the side effect of accidental collision with level portals

attempting to changesize 1 while on the loading screen results in spyro being trapped in the void forever (the esc key doesn't work if the game gets into this state)

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spyro reignited pc, examples of the changesize console command 

the changesize console command does exactly what it says on the tin

unfortunately, it also scales up/down the distance spyro floats off the ground, so it's only really usable while jumping

next: is there a way to pause while in the middle of taking an action or just slomo .1

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also i can't say i've seen too many PC games that store all their videos like this, including ones that they probably didn't mean to leave in

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