new character adopted from @Technojara@birdsite ! their name is light house, they're a big alien bug, and I suspect probably named after the first thing they saw on coming to earth!

I believe their companion Midnight Cryptid is still available!

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reading through random TCRF articles and ended up on deltarune's page, and the original version of ralsei's manual is too good to not share

here's a win95/98 memory that i can't find - some sort of freeware impractical 3D navigator app that I downloaded from somewhere

it looks like nvidia made a windows 7 version? except in the version i'm thinking of, all the icons were floating around the cube as 2d sprites rather than on the floor

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phoenix wright: ace attorney: trials and tribulations - ace attorney HD complaint Show more

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I have to give some props to the person who figured out how to rebrand these Halloween costumes

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hey if you’re not signed up for email alerts then you should probably check your email address on their site due to the massive data breach they just added (collection of data from various sources that someone uploaded to MEGA)

huh, some of my commissions have been flagged on tumblr without option to appeal

(some others do have the option)

just cause 4, the spyro: enter the dragonfly of videogames

rate your fursona by the most important metric - similarities with the nintendo gamecube

✅ purple
✅ built in carry handle
✅ small (sometimes)
✅ chunky (sometimes)
✅ digital a/v output
❌ reads mini DVDs
❔ plays GBA games with optional accessory

(🎨 : @microtransac@birdsite)

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getting mildly confused by video game memorabilia Show more

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