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i accidentally screenshared my full desktop during a meeting and i had to explain this to my boss

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my commissions, monsterification, fourth wall breaks, chunky 

you just had to pick up the cursed cartridge at the car boot sale, didn't you

despite the warnings of what would happen in 7 days

(amazing commission from @Samael and I'm so glad I got the chance to commission them!)

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now THIS is my kind of Python book. apologies to the fine folks at O'Reilly. 😂

analogue pocket 

(at least in that case, the og ds and lite are a lot less rare than ags101 gba SPs)

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analogue pocket 

compared to other modern options, there's things like the gba consolizer - which is neat, but i still like playing handheld games on handhelds - and also, that's $170 and still requires a sacrifice of an original GBA

there's gbc mods where you can put an ags101 screen into them, but again, that's sacrificing original hardware for a mod, and I kind of hate that trend?

since my og ds is knackered, i could probably mod that into a game boy macro, but i lack those kind of skills

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digital foundry, star citizen 

i had no idea the base system requirements were that high

like even of the people that backed it, how many are actually going to be able to run it with any level of performance whatsoever if they don't have the latest top of the line pc that apparently will need to be even more top of the line as time goes on

finally got a new usb-c adapter for micro computer (i’ve never fully trusted the one it came with, but it will appear to brick if fed anything other than a 12V supply - and other usb-c power adapters I own only supply 5V/9V/15V)

which now that i’ve got it on again means windows updates

which are as optimised as ever for this form factor

gb pocket: i do know where this one is, but again, no backlight plus less compatibility

gba sp: everything works fine on this, but the control layout has always cramped my hands a bit

og ds: hinge is completely knackered

ds lite: hinge is less knackered but getting there. obviously only supports gba. has one advantage in that i can use my ezflash 3-in-1, which is dependent on a ds flash cart

potential problems with the analogue pocket: sp style l/r buttons, and maybe menu button placement?

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thinking about this more, and yeah, i've got other options for gba/gbc hardware, but i think the pocket would be the most convenient

gc/snes: i need a component to hdmi adapter for these to work on my new tv. game boy player by itself is suboptimal, but running homebrew on my gc means faffing with memory cards while loading f-zero gx.
original gbc/gba: honestly not sure where these are at this point, no backlight without a mod that's going to cost almost pocket prices

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dragons are destroying the chivalry industry by smooching princesses

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this post was made before the official reveal

GBA as well makes it even more likely that i’ll get one

if the dock isn’t too much that’ll be even more of a bonus

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depending on pricing, that analogue game boy (+game gear and lynx?) could be the first analogue console I preorder

I debated the Mega SG, but while I have my old games (and no working console as far as I remember), I don’t have most of them close to hand, they’re kind of buried

My GB games though, I know where they are, and it’d be an incentive to finally replace the Pokémon save batteries

personal finance (+++) 

just got my income tax refund form through

i'm owed a lot
as in, 1.5-2 months of my salary

late night thoughts - macro, Windows xp 

thinking about being macro on bliss.jpg

watching a video about the laptop I bought

i know presentation/editing skills aren't everyone's strong point, but when your video starts with two minutes of failing to explain what the united states postal service is before you unbox things...

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guess who put a bid on a vintage laptop i probably didn’t need and won it

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maybe i should give grabbed by the ghoulies another shot at some point

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