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homestar runner, on a more positive note, ert+y76p 

what would a more modern take on virus for the web even look like

falling down an infinitely scrolling timeline would be one thing

but there's so much variation in devices that mimicking UI would be hard and playing with the frame would be harder still

mimic a popular website or app and it won't match after a major update
go back and look at the first parodies of youtube
or that ad for wario land shake where the page would break

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homestar runner, on a more positive note 

the last episode also takes heavy inspiration from "virus", and I'm reminded of just how good that was, and how it could only truly work in its original medium in its original format at the original time it was released (before pop up blockers became truly common)

8-bit is enough just can't get there - whether that's due to limitations of the telltale tool or to pass Nintendo's console requirements

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homestar runner, transphobia, birdsite link 

replaying through the entirety of the strong bad telltale series over the past month or so, and boy, those sure are some "strong sad is in a princess outfit" "jokes" in that last episode

i mean, perhaps it'd be one thing if it was strong bad only since he's explicitly an arsehole, but multiple characters get in on it

you can't go home again sometimes
but i'd still rather think of this version of the characters

gift art, strong 

an amazing gift from @poetfox, drawn by !

voice assistants, internet of things 

i'm honestly kind of glad that save the basic xbox voice commands when i had the kinect hooked up (i don't have the adapter cable they stopped making) & occasional use of siri when my hands are busy, i have no interest in using other voice assistants much

i've got an echo dot because it was free when i switched ISPs, it's currently unplugged

i've switched everything i can off related to google assistant on my android tv box and whatever my actual TV has

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family tech support, but it's not me fixing things this time 

aunt got my grandmother a google nest hub(? whatever the one with the screen is), and hasn't shown her how to use it properly

but right now it's erroring immediately on saying ok google before you can even say the rest of the sentence

i assume a reboot would probably fix it, but my aunt gets funny with trying to help out with anything she's bought

christmas, secret santa gifts 

i got some pride pins and dragons from my secret santa gifts, among other things!

(i already had this particular spyro figure, but now i've got one for my desk at work!)

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

dust: an elysian tail has gone

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

red faction guerrilla has gone

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

resident evil revelations has gone!

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

day of the tentacle and skullgirls have gone!

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me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

the other steam key for psychonauts is taken, just the gog one left now

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

octodad has gone as well

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

animal super squad has gone
also one copy of psychonauts, but i've still got another steam and GOG key for that

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

sonic all-stars racing
sonic cd
sonic generations
sonic 4 ep 1
sonic 4 ep 2
wolf among us
world of goo

other games are available but these are the main ones i thought people would like - if a game is taken i'll add a note in the replies

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@ mutuals, it's my annual game giveaway 

@ mutuals:
if you want a steam key for any of the following let me know

alan wake's american nightmare
animal super squad
the blue flamingo
day of the tentacle
dust: an elysian tail
dusty revenge
knights of pen & paper +1
neon chrome
psychonauts 1
puzzle agent
puzzle agent 2
red faction guerrila
resident evil revelations
rivals of aether
robot roller-derby disco dodgeball
sonic adventure dx

just cause 4: the expansion packs 

the demon pack gives some areas a cool redesign, gives you a appreciatively overpowered crossbow, but the missions aren't great

the danger pack gives a hoverboard which helps with moving in some cases, but the locations are all fairly boring submarine bases, and all the missions are just extended smash up the base ones

it feels like a de-escalation compared to just cause 3's final pack with the rocket wingsuit and flying up to take care of sky fortresses

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