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OK before i decide to post this via internet, would anyone be interested in buying my NeoGeo Pocket Color?
It's condition is "Like New"

comes with these games:
sonic pocket adventure
king of fighters r2
fatal fury first contact
samurai shodown 2
metal slug 1st mission
neo turf masters
card fighters clash (snk version)

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current mood: moon river (climax mix)

irl body, minor dysphoria (baldness) 

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please remember to tag uspol so folks who need to can filter it. thank you!

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counterfeit games, cracktros, birdsite link for video 

podcast recommendation 

next gen console leaks, backwards compatibility 

tried downloading the local version of ai dungeon last night

it turns out that if you're running under WSL, it can't actually use your GPU power, which causes some problems

homestar runner, ert+y76p 

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homestar runner, on a more positive note, ert+y76p 

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homestar runner, on a more positive note 

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homestar runner, transphobia, birdsite link 

gift art, strong 

voice assistants, internet of things 

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family tech support, but it's not me fixing things this time 

christmas, secret santa gifts 

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