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pride, but business casual about it 

last thought before i go to bed: is there somewhere you can get a check shirt in the pan or NB colours

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pride, but business casual about it 

@Dex, I have a shirt that's very similar to this!

pride, but business casual about it 

last thought before i go to bed: is there somewhere you can get a check shirt in the pan or NB colours

wandersong, meta-spoiler that i'm pretty sure could sell some people on the game 

remember had undertale had that one bit where the song "undertale" played

wandersong has a song called wandersong

and yeah

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kirin eating food 

What do you mean "those aren't sliders"???

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A gender actually has 3 parts to it:
- when gender is pressed
- when gender is held
- when gender is released
and together, this forms one complete gender.

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OK before i decide to post this via internet, would anyone be interested in buying my NeoGeo Pocket Color?
It's condition is "Like New"

comes with these games:
sonic pocket adventure
king of fighters r2
fatal fury first contact
samurai shodown 2
metal slug 1st mission
neo turf masters
card fighters clash (snk version)

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current mood: moon river (climax mix)

irl body, minor dysphoria (baldness) 

sat opposite a cute person with purple hair while waiting for the bus

and thinking about dyeing my hair
what little there is left

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first of a series of pieces of dragons playing various instruments. hoping to color these :dragnthink:

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please remember to tag uspol so folks who need to can filter it. thank you!

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counterfeit games, cracktros, birdsite link for video 

bought a copy of wario land 4 earlier, but declined to check the label too closely, which was a mistake

the other counterfeit carts I’ve owned tried to be as close to a legit release as possible; only noticeable in some cases because newer hardware detected them

this one... this is the first time I’ve seen a cracktro running on the intended hardware rather than just a video of them

returning it tomorrow

podcast recommendation 

I’d like to thank one of the tech podcasts I listen to for introducing me to Two Headed Girl - it’s a trans guy discussing his experiences with transitioning after the past few years, with a lot of material recorded before the official start of the podcast so you can hear the changes to his voice on T during one of them

next gen console leaks, backwards compatibility 

if these leaks are accurate, i wasn't fully expecting sony to go down the route of underclocking back to ps4 pro/ps4 speeds again

it'll still be faster because of the SSD, but it means there's less possibility to improve older games that don't get a patch in other ways

while i expect MS to force higher resolutions on some base xbone games
probably more subject to potential glitches though

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