sometimes people ask me why i post the things i do. to be honest, i dunno either

eye contact, selfie, fishnets, high heels, long legs, muscles, boost much plz 

"Oh, indians are too stupid to be able to use their land correctly... they NEED our HELP" this type of narrative can and has been applied to colonized people acrossed the world.

These places are rich in resources, but the extraction by "first world" countries of said resources is what leads to events like mass starvation or spreads of disease or lack of access to drinking water. These are not accidental processes or things that happen at the fault of colonized peoples. They are manufactured.

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be the big titty goth gf you want to see in the world

If you are a domme and you have a sub that makes you feel bad to interact with please remember you have the right to say no too, and that if things don't feel right they probably aren't.


how the fuck do you do that? do you get caramelldansen out of head

my "irl name"? oh, you mean my worksona

Girl Skin + Eye Contact 

CW: depression, kind of 

Celebrity death, SA mention 

To white atheists from Christian backgrounds 

"to draw a head, first sketch a circle?? hmm...sounds suspiciously like *geometry* to me, i'm gonna have to pass."

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