when you beat the game, you unlock new game- mode, which deletes your save file and also destroys the console

What if we put Beavis' head on top of Butt-head's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

I love SoR4 but damn, I think I suck at scrolling beat-em-ups now.

korg and nintendo teaming up to create the K.K.-ossilator

d/s dynamics // 

top/top and sub/sub romances are underrated

consider marrying another top, and sharing the pleasure and responsibility of your mutual subs

or serving another, side-by-side with your love?

CW: kink (general) 

I wish there was a Fetlife that wasn't Fetlife.


Nothing like a pandemic to make me realize I've pushed away everyone who gave a damn about me. Awesome sauce. :|

I finally had enough and got rid of the bird app on my phone. My mental health is way too fragile at this point for it. Which means I should end up posting more here.

Christians: So Jesus was a virgin right?

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Uhhh

Jesus: Wellll

🎼I took a pill in Ibiza
To show Avicii I was cool
Now I'm a real stunner, feel 10 years younger
And it turns out I like having boobs

sometimes people ask me why i post the things i do. to be honest, i dunno either

eye contact, selfie, fishnets, high heels, long legs, muscles, boost much plz 

I forgot to upload thirsr pics of my legs. Finally got a picture that shows off my muscles.

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