For any Canadians following me, are there any good 101 resources for moving to another province? This is a serious request.

I don't think Evangelical Christians understand the concept of metaphor

@FutureLuddite it's because all the text is just google-translated. it actually says animal taming/animal handling

on twitter, the owner of longcat (actual name is Nobiko) announced she passed away... :( RIP longcat

Please go support Mint, they are the one who was negatively affected in this situation and they are the one who has had to put up with our white bullshit for far too long.

I just threw $45 to them, since those were from donations made to me shortly after talking to and applying pressure to the admin about paying a BIPOC moderator in response to this situation.

Hey fediverse, how fucking hard is "let's defer to black people on issues of racism against black people"

mh-, nsfwish 

Today's a day that the weight of all this *gesticulates randomly* is sitting heavy and I just want to lay with someone, kissing and mild groping.

I started going through a tutorial for the Pico-8 and it's fun. I haven't coded in ages but this may be my way back in.

You know, for all the ridiculousness going on in Alberta, is still an ok place to live.

*search history now includes "cost of living in <insert city in BCs lower mainland>"*

So, IMVU has a Twitch account and is currently streaming a virtual noise music festival.

I have a couple questions, primarily when did IMVU start looking like Second Life?

*realizes that I can be a heavy set soft butch*

*have to do the work to get there, but I can just be that*

I didn't realize that watching a great set of vaporwave artists with video glitch art was what my heart needed, but here I am.

I just watched two videos about TempleOS and what the fuck?!


I just read an awesome fic and I'm kind of into the idea of "hate"-fucking someone as a domme. Actually, my top energy has been pretty active lately.

mh (-) 

I came to a realization just how sullen and asshole-ish I've become to other people in person when I'm not working. Not that I was great before but at least I could fake it with random strangers. Now I'm just ignoring everyone and that isn't healthy.

I'm hoping getting back into meditation and at least some light exercise will help alleviate that.

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