Pet play, silly/wholesome 

@IsabelleHellraiser Any particular flavour that's more preferable than others?

Kink, more pics of naked bottom 

@AudreyJune Nice colour. 😍

God this video is so cool, everyone rips, the editing is fun and a joy to watch, and it is so apologetically queer

CW: slams, needles (hrt), reclaimed f slur, flashing/flickering images, smoking

thirsty over a twitter pinup 😳 Heck...

I really want the Famicom Detective Club remakes. That seems to be something that's my speed. Also, I might jump in on Splatoon 3.

I was watching the last half of Danny's RetroPals stream for their birthday from yesterday that I missed and I'm so fricking happy for them. I might have cried a bit at the end. COPS has an incredible intro and the show was just... yeesh. Especially what they did to the thief that spiked my poor gay heart at the time.

Open to get a faceful of just-woken-up cleavage Sarah.exe has experienced a critical error and will need to be restarted. 💜

So the clothes I ordered arrived. Just a couple basic purple tops and a pair of simple black pants. This is the best I've felt in a couple years. I'm even liking how my hair is growing out now.

I'm considering just getting a buzz cut because I'm not sure when I'll be comfortable going to a stylist on a regular basis. Now looking at pictures of nonbinary people with buzzcuts to feel better about my decision.

lewd shitpost 👉 👉

re covid, anxiety I live in Alberta.

covid, anxiety I've been thinking about doing this and part of my brain is going "Is this really where we're at now?" while another part is "Yes. Yes, we are." To give perspective, I live in a city where cases have been going up in a province where cases in general have been going down. And a province where cases with the UK variant are doubling each week.

@AzureHusky WIndows 3.1 had a colour scheme you could select called Hot Dog Stand. It's, uh, something.

So I'm finally getting back on the horse and ordered some clothes that are gender appropriate. We'll see how this goes. Now to see what I can do about my hair.

@AzureHusky Did they get inspiration from the Windows 3.1 hot dog theme? I know I replied to this on birdsite but you are hecking pretty and would totally snug with consent. 💜

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