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You know, for all the ridiculousness going on in Alberta, is still an ok place to live.

*search history now includes "cost of living in <insert city in BCs lower mainland>"*

So, IMVU has a Twitch account and is currently streaming a virtual noise music festival.

I have a couple questions, primarily when did IMVU start looking like Second Life?

*realizes that I can be a heavy set soft butch*

*have to do the work to get there, but I can just be that*

I didn't realize that watching a great set of vaporwave artists with video glitch art was what my heart needed, but here I am.

I just watched two videos about TempleOS and what the fuck?!


I just read an awesome fic and I'm kind of into the idea of "hate"-fucking someone as a domme. Actually, my top energy has been pretty active lately.

mh (-) 

I came to a realization just how sullen and asshole-ish I've become to other people in person when I'm not working. Not that I was great before but at least I could fake it with random strangers. Now I'm just ignoring everyone and that isn't healthy.

I'm hoping getting back into meditation and at least some light exercise will help alleviate that.

I just finished watching a bunch of Amoeba's "What's In Your Bag?" videos.

Positives: I now have a bunch of music to check out.

Negatives (for my bank account): I want to buy it all on vinyl.

I finally watched Streets Of Fire and my life has changed. This is now my go to comfort movie.

when you beat the game, you unlock new game- mode, which deletes your save file and also destroys the console

What if we put Beavis' head on top of Butt-head's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

I love SoR4 but damn, I think I suck at scrolling beat-em-ups now.

korg and nintendo teaming up to create the K.K.-ossilator

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