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Hi, everyone; I'm tarah, otherwise known as lobst. I've drawn a few comics that people have seemed to enjoy, and programmed a game demo that won 10th-place in a 140+ entry game jam despite having no sound. My ability to finish any individual project has been stymied by mental health problems for over a year, but I've been seeking treatment and making progress. I've also been streaming videogames on weekends. Watch this space!

Star Trek, but, a) nobody ever beams unprotected into a random probably infected ship, they use robots instead, b) there's a protocol for handling godlike energy beings or reality distortions, c) they have to actually learn alien languages, d) every new alien race has to get brought up again as a plot point in at least three future episodes

Everyone understands that Rockstar haven't made a GTA game in almost a decade because nobody listens to the radio anymore. Now that nobody drives either, maybe we can finally accept cars as the urban fantasy tropes that they deserve to be.

this is an efficient two panel summary of Sam and Max and why you should read it

Looking at laptops, a stylus-compatible midrange 2-in-1 with integrated AMD graphics looks like it'd be the complete package. Gonna install Linux Mint on it with Lutris, pair my Dualshock 4, and treat it as the Nintendo Switch hardware upgrade we were all denied this year🔸

Speed Racer (2008) 

thinking about how software companies slowly chip away at the idea of consent by turning every "no" into "not right now," every "stop this" into "do this less often," every "i don't want that" into "maybe later"

Twice in the last week my laptop has suddenly started rapidly spinning up its CPU fan after I pick it up and move it; the only thing that stops it is a hard reboot. Less than ideal, IMO 🔸

oh boo hoo let me write down your story in the world's smallest Microsoft OneNote Notebook

It reminds me of the Bethesdaland E3 presentation. Imagine a theme park where most of the rides could be represented by a weapons-ready photorealistic humanoid in the chin-down/eyes-up angry pose, aside from one, and it's Fallout Shelter 🔸

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I got that island game everybody is playing. Myst or whatever. I can't find my tent

I've been enjoying watching Phen play Doom Eternal so far; the game's a comedy, but the most ridiculous moment to me by far was when he fired up the Bethesda launcher to be greeted by this collage of marketing images clearly focus-tested to sell M-rated games to adults 🔸

I can see myself having fun making patterns, but I'll have to test out how effective it'd be to make pixel art on PC and run it through a QR code generator before I commit to making anything for this🔸

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Named my island after a Rippingtons track at the last minute and it grew on me quickly. Enjoying the gently communal nature of this setting 🔸

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As long as we have the opportunity to change things for the better, why not try

Switch-owner pals, add me and maybe we can cross an animal sometime 🔸

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