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I love that this is
- a Doom II total-conversation
- released in 2016
- that plays like Wolfenstein
(with a hint of Descent)

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... and then she woke up. "Oh," she said, "it was just a dream."
It was the same every day; she soon forgot the amazing universe of her dream, but having been dreamt, the universe lived on, its stars and worlds and stories spinning on, ever spinning on.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Crackdown on Xbox 360 is now free if you download it before 30th November, I'm probably not going to play it but can't turn down a free game.


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Scouting ahead in Kingdom Hearts II Show more

Scouting ahead in Kingdom Hearts II Show more

me: i miss gamemaker. i might get it again, if i ever have the money

gamemaker: you could get a 12 month license for $40

me: i miss gamemaker. it's a shame it doesn't exist anymore

heres a hot tip to trick people into actually checking out the original artist when you're sourcing an un-credited picture

instead of saying "hey this was drawn by <artist>"

just tell them "hey check out this higher quality version over at <source link>"

(even when its not true)

((especially when its not true))

What if remarks about appearance completely disappeared from all discourse forever

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