My drawings are like my children, and all of my children are huge disappointments

I'm streaming the HyperScan tonight at 7pm CT if you're into weird short-lived consoles

More game archival whinging :playstation: Show more

More game archival whinging :playstation: Show more

Reminder that Nintendo killed emulation of their thousands-strong NES library, some of which are unobtainable nowadays, and are only releasing 19 titles while tacking online DRM to them for a monthly subscription price

having a body is just a scam by capitalists to hold us back, shed your physical form and become free

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i cant sleep so im watching GCCX

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Nintendo Direct (- -) Show more

Nintendo Direct Show more

3D update: The topology I'm settling on for the torso section is clearly a mistake (even though I am keeping everything as an arrangement of quads), but I suspect it's a mistake I'll have to follow through on to figure out *why* it's a mistake and how to more effectively avoid it in the future

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