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Hi, everyone; I'm tarah, otherwise known as lobst. I've drawn a few comics that people have seemed to enjoy, and programmed a game demo that won 10th-place in a 140+ entry game jam despite having no sound. My ability to finish any individual project has been stymied by mental health problems for over a year, but I've been seeking treatment and making progress. I've also been streaming videogames on weekends. Watch this space!

I've been booting into Windows exclusively for VR and Easy Anti-Cheat games now, the human language it uses for updates ("You're almost there. 85% complete.") catches me off-guard every time

First session done, doing great! I like how the game goes to surprising lengths not to alienate RPG newcomers while also having the story that it does, the line "Serah's a crystal now!" delivered straight-faced with Troy Baker's trademark main-character intensity

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As my new weekly Friday stream event I'll be doing a first-time playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII at the top of the hour, with the caveat that Every Single Time the story progresses I'll be reading the relevant codex entry out loud

VRChat and Outer Wilds VR are both the ideal speed for me, I can jump about like Mario for hours in those without issue; Alyx was tolerable; meanwhile, I had to crank the speed up in Walkabout Mini Golf just to make it through a single round (and it still wasn't fast enough)

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I think my personal issue with smooth locomotion in VR is it's typically too slow; a game will say "Oh, don't worry, we tuned it for comfort :)" and full-blast forward on the analog stick has the environment creeping toward you as though you're taking tiny baby steps

Friday will be my first weekly FFXIII stream, and I'll be continuing Deltarune next Tuesday; the use of different games is so I can stream twice weekly without creating a massive backlog for anyone who might only be interested in one of the games I'm playing

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Deltarune is impossibly charming and very well-crafted, I just started Chapter 2 and love it so far! Thanks to all who showed up, I'm glad to get to share my experience of it with others <3

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Going live with Deltarune Chapter 1 (and possibly the start of 2) as soon as I finish eating a sandwich:

I guess my thing now is volunteering video footage of bugs to help get VR software working properly, because I've done it twice so far! Hopefully it helps; despite the setbacks I had with Kodon I was able to get a decent little model going with what functionality was there

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Total Echoes footage after editing, 4 hours, 5 minutes. I'd ordinarily be very surprised if anyone watched a video like this all the way through but unspoiled reactions seem to be the exact thing a specific type of Outer Wilds fan thrives on. I'm glad I made this either way

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And again, it'll feature no voice commentary, there are a few bits of text to start then it's body language only. I tried not to ham it up, I did develop a habit of shaking my head after getting out of tense or perilous situations though

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Editing Outer Wilds VR footage on my laptop while I wait for a package, it's looking like it'll be three videos: a highlight reel of the base game, the base game's ending run + credits, and then a much longer video of every noteworthy moment of the DLC from beginning to end

Halo 5 was way more of a Halo than 4, far more willing to have open arenas taking place in bright sunny environments. My favorite level was this canyon filled with giant statues of Sanghelli, surrounded by depictions of (while both fighting and allied with) Big Men

For a (manufacturing-delayed) holiday gift Clover gave me the Sonic Encyclo-speed-ia, in which it's firmly established that this woodland rodent is cool, fast, and fights injustice specifically in the name of his personal ideals

New HDD's finally installed (got a nice deal on a 6TB WD Blue), completing the niche-ass theme I'd set for storage on my gaming PC's Linux partition

Hypnospace Outlaw (post-ending thoughts, spoilers) 

I like the whip-turn this game takes from the pages you browse seeming infinite/disposable at first, to the finale when you have unique access to less than 200MB of data across three backup periods and everything is deserving of archival. I'd ultimately call its depiction biased (one [1] person celebrates a non-Christian religion) but I still enjoyed my time with it overall.

(drugs're bad! ᵧₒᵤ can't ᵗᵃᵏᵉ them 𝑵𝑶!)

Final desktop for posterity:

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Just finished Hypnospace Outlaw, what a wonderful game to finish after midnight and immediately buy the six-volume soundtrack to. I also had a pretty good time with Dropsy, I definitely won't be sleeping on whatever this crew does next

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Hypnospace Outlaw (Chapter 2 spoilers) 

In the middle of cracking a music piracy case, I managed to deftly hack my way into the FLST protocol, started searching the tags of users who might be connected enough to be in the know, stumbled across the apparent source of the contested files, and said "Are you -fucking- kidding me" out loud

Trip report, Steam's window overlay feature works marvelously, Kodon does not! Not with WMR controllers, at least (tools would break and put giant holes into the model in noise patterns), and what progress I did make couldn't be loaded in Blender or Kodon itself after export

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I'd like to have GDQ on in the background this entire week, so I'll be checking to see if it's possible to overlay it while I experiment with VR sculpting without my computer slowing to a crawl

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