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A free downloadable demo of my NES game Lizard is now available on itch.io:


#LizardNES #NES 🦎 🕹

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before i go to bed, important - tapas, a popular comic strip site, is trying to get ppl to sign up to do 6 - 9 month 600+ panel full color comics with no benefits, unknown pay and "joint ownership", i.e. they own your comic and you can't do anything with it twitter.com/melgillman/status/

not the first time tapas has done shady things if you remember the "right to first refusal" thing they tried to add to their t&s

artists, know you're worth better than this


If this week's allegations are true, FB's income depends mostly on selling personal data to companies. Apparently FB technically avoid "selling it" by giving it away, but only give it away to companies that buy lots of ads.

If it is true, then in effect they are exchanging personal data for ad revenue, and the ads themselves are irrelevant except as a payment method for data sales:


*scrollin through artists media who draws eeveelutions*
HELL yeah brother. give that a like
*ones drawn curvier than usual*
hehh, heh okay nice whats going on here-
*one doing immense bedroom eyes*
di o d-- -o oh o ah alrigh - alrighty, ho, okay , okaty i see, i see what youre' doi, ng, its aight, its coo, l

Moved nearly all my digital Xbox 360 games back from my XbOne to my 360; partially to free up an external hard drive, but it also bugged me that their selective digital backward compatibility was leaving behind Kinect games, games with special controllers (Rock Band 3, DJ Hero), and true masterpieces like Vidiot Game youtube.com/watch?v=tzfUSSyIEv

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Ramadan update Show more

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Detroit: Become Human Show more

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Visited Retro Game Trader in Beaverton earlier today to browse their selection; walked out empty-handed, but resolved to the clerk that when the time comes for me to get a Genesis (for hardware testing), it will be from them.

(My indecisiveness didn't stop @phenokage from getting 3 B-tier PS3/Xbox games and a foam Ash Ketchum trucker hat, of course)

It Would Be Fucked Up If This Were Butter, But Luckily It's Not

So, according to these allegations, #Facebook:

1. Lost lots of ad money when people abandoned computers for phones.

2. Panicked.

3. Got smaller companies hooked on access to FB users' private data (not ads but personal data).

4. Once the companies were hooked, FB forced those companies to buy expensive FB mobile ads. Companies that didn't comply had their access to user data switched off.

In short, they allege FB was using our data to control these companies.


And we're back! Everything seems to be in working order; thanks for your patience, everyone! ( <3 )