SGDQ 2019 

Just finished sketching a speedpaint for the Sonic Generations run. The concept for it is obvious, but I'm having a good time regardless

SGDQ 2019 Day 1: Sonic Generations digital art 

HERE it is! My goal was to make at least one thing for this marathon, so hey, mission complete!


SGDQ 2019 art fallout 

I am not used to completing art this quickly; it was five hours from start to finish. I felt lightheaded and full of adrenaline all afternoon. It's good to have a reminder that mental effort is effort nonetheless!

I also noticed a mess of problems with the gloves and Velocity's foot anatomy; I've implemented basic fixes for when it's posted on, but I'm leaving the original up; them's the breaks with posting speedpaints on Twitter, I suppose

SGDQ 2019 art fallout 

@Lobst gotta go fast

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