Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Turnabout Serenade resolution spoilers) 

Hooray, we acquitted this 14-year-old boy of a murder charge! Except now he's plead guilty to a smuggling charge and can't go back to his home country or else he'll be executed.

It's a shame this was the only way we could prove he couldn't have done it! *(stares at the murder weapon, the adult Interpol agent victim's .45 revolver, the firing of which all parties agree would dislocate the shoulder of an untrained adult)*

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Turnabout Serenade resolution spoilers) 

*sees an unconscious child on a platform next to the dead body of a six-foot-tall adult* Ah, the child must have dragged the dead body up a staircase and onto this suspended escapeless platform to hide it! Wake up, kid; you're the prime suspect; we've decided to throw you into our guilty-until-proven-innocent criminal justice system, which has a 99% conviction rate

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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Turnabout Serenade resolution spoilers) 

(morning addendum: the kid was smuggling lifesaving medicine)

I saw some people talking about how this case is meant to be a turning point for the viewer, where it establishes the legal system itself as broken and not worth fighting for. While I believe the writers feel that way, they could've more effectively communicated this as the intended effect by having one of the characters express sustained outrage during this case

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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (finale spoilers) 

Case 4 seems to be a response to case 3; the fact that it features a similar lack of 'decisive evidence' that rules out any micro-possibility of the accused being guilty, except now the outcome is in the hands of a group of 'jurists', one of whom is the player. The stakes are lower under this system; I'd want it to stick around for the sequels, but considering Phoenix gets his attorney's badge back I have my doubts about any long-term change

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