After subscribing to a few media podcasts I've discovered I like consuming culture via a 'reading list', turning it into a parasocial activity I can experience at my own pace. Now I just need to figure out how to work my mountain of unplayed digital video games into this 🔸

It's a tricky proposition, since games are lengthy/hardware-limited and everyone has their own taste in genre! I'd still accept a show that said "Hey, play the Titanfall 2 campaign, then you can enjoy hearing these charismatic hosts talk about it for an hour", though 🔸

Show thread

(I bounced off of most videogame podcasts because the usual outlets are too focused on the new hotness or the controversy of the week; while there's an appeal to that, I'd still like to reject the notion of any kind of media being inherently time-limited or disposable)🔸

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