Rifftrax (mildly -) 

At one point the MST3K fan in me strongly considered Rifftrax as part of my attempt to follow a reading list of popular culture, but at some point early on their modern film efforts made the transition from 'famously bad movies' to 'movies nerds are likely to already have in their collections' and good lord, there are only so many blockbuster "what if a guy was very strong and capable?" films I need to see in my lifetime

Rifftrax (mildly +) 

That said, Cole Stratton and Janet Varney's entries (like Ghost, Footloose, and Flatliners) are 100% the sort of thing I'm ultimately looking for out of this. Maybe I just have '90s nostalgia

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Rifftrax (mildly -) 

@Lobst Yeah; like, I like most Rifftrax that I happen to see, but I don't ever feel an impulse to go out looking for any.

I do *not* want to further the Joel-Mike divide, but Cinematic Titanic did a better job at picking movies that I was curious to see.

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