Realized my desire to play FFXIV was partly limited by an unsatisfying character, so I deleted and rerolled; character name is now Harper Miret-Moor on Ultros, fellow players, feel free to add me to whatever ingame friends lists or social mechanisms you find appropriate 🔸

This SHOULD be me for the foreseeable future, unless (of course) they ever decide to add playable Bangaa, in which case I plan to spike this character into the nearest available trash can 🔸

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FFXIV progress: Fell down a hole today learning crafting/gathering disciplines. Now accepting only talismans or raw materials as my optional quest rewards; catch me leveling all non-combat classes as much as reasonably possible before I advance the story any further🔸

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FFXIV progress: I tried to level every job through the hunting checklists before I found out there's an XP bonus after you get a single job to 50 -- so I'm beelining to that goal by maining a support class, which has (so far) allowed me to skip queues left and right🔸

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