"That's it! I'm getting into fighting games!", I say with exact Homer-Goes-to-Clown-College energy🔸

I chose BlazBlue specifically out of wanting to establish a solid grasp on fundamentals without dropping a ton of cash or spoiling the hell out of DBZ/Super for myself. Also, it was $3 and seems to run well on my laptop 🔸

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Just finished Ragna's Arcade mode campaign on Normal; I was definitely spamming the two moves of his I was relatively secure in my ability to execute, but I'm still glad I'm capable of doing this at all, and I'll be doing this with a few other characters for sure🔸

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Pretty good title for an achievement in a game with dialogue that'd perfectly slot into a ProZD skit, IMO 🔸

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(To be clear, I'm referring to how the story's a series of well-worn anime tropes tied up in an overwrought nest of lore, not to the parts where it becomes clear the localizers for this were big fans of edgy [shitty] humor 🔸)

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