I put some time into Them's Fightin' Herds earlier tonight; I'm still relatively unfamiliar with the genre, but it's the first one of these I've played where the lowest-difficulty AI player casually destroys me with relentless blocking and air-juggle combo maneuvers 🔸

I'm not blameless in this, of course; an hour-plus into Story Mode (starting the snow village dungeon) and I finally start to think "hmm, perhaps I should look into using this 'Magic' mechanic I've heard so much about" 🔸

Anyway, good game, and it's on the list of fighters I'll be sticking with; it feels like a nice re-entry into MLP:FiM's design aesthetic and writing tone for someone like me, who saw an opportunity to stop following the show at the season 3 finale and immediately took it 🔸

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