Video game analysis/personal philosophy 

I think my newfound appreciation for fighting games (and ever-present appreciation for rhythm games) comes from feeling like a lot of genres lie to you about the skills you're developing -- both in the sense of "this upgrade tree gets you all sorts of overpowered abilities" and "ah! we've noticed you've died a few times, let's just silently crank down enemy attack damage by an unseen percentage for your next attempt so your path to credits can continue"

Video game analysis/personal philosophy 

Games that tweak your experience in those ways to make you feel more powerful are a long way from being skill-free, and they'd still have plenty of value either way, but I'd still like to engage with them a bit more critically than I have been. I'll probably get Assassin's Creed Valhalla after the pleasant experience I had with Odyssey but I'll be working my way through it with a "more tools if you've got 'em, please" mindset

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