Watching an archive of TieTuesday playing Virtual Bart; while it's commonly recognized as a bad game I think its second-most insulting aspect is how it features such a small amount of text I think it assumes its playerbase is completely illiterate

@Lobst oh hey, same hat! We've been watching the vods of it and it's absolutely amazing and intolerable how BAD this game is -- even the worst games from Bart's Nightmare seem better than the best ones here.

plus, it is the game that has brought us Tie yelling HOGCHAMP

@ComputerHusband Nice! And agreed on all counts, I rented it back in the day, so watching genuine attempts to complete it like this is healing for me

@Lobst I am going to shit my ass if he doesn't figure out there's a whole MOVE he isn't using in Baby Bart, though.

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