Twin Peaks: The Return, mildly personal 

Dale/Dougie stares into negative space at his dinner table and sees Mike beyond the veil patiently telling him not to die; it's cinematically depicted as a turning point but to me it feels like one that reflects how severe the his internal despair seems to be. While he does seem to be physically released from imprisonment, he lost years off his life and returned to an unfamiliar world. The fact that he appears to be recovering this soon is miraculous to me

Twin Peaks: The Return, mildly hot take 

Binged the rest of this today because after episode 8 I had to. I generally loved it, I also feel sorry for the people who approached this revival hungry for concrete answers about what elements of the story exactly are, because even the relatively straightforward bits are on a whole different level of abstraction from the end of season 2

Twin Peaks: The Return 

Soundtrack's full of bangers but the cut to this was a lean-in moment, and it's the rhythm/melody I find most at the forefront of my memory days later

Twin Peaks: The Return 

Listening to commentary about the story now that I've watched it through, I love it when people talk about details they find emotionally impactful and what they think story events are meant to represent (as opposed to treating it like a jigsaw puzzle you're meant to solve). I like thinking of it as a series of open-ended questions with definite intent behind them but no explicit answers beyond what the audience creates for themselves

Twin Peaks: The Return 

By "emotionally impactful" I mean details like how mounting a camera to a quadcopter drone enables a director to slowly zoom in on a real-world establishing shot while also keeping it perfectly steady. It's repeatedly used to communicate the scale of a location or to show it at unconventional angles, which is used (effectively, IMO) to create dread


Twin Peaks: The Return 

I've got to be choosy about the kinds of fan media I consume surrounding this, because questions like "what does [interaction X] mean for how the Black Lodge and the Doppelgangers interact with reality?" bring back a flood of insufferable memories about how it felt to keep up with Lost week after week

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