I'm glad a recent Retro Pals stream pointed out the use in another game of the SFX used when Sideshow Bob gets hit with a rake, because that's this game's generic impact noise as well

I'm doing the Impey route first, he's kind of a perv with boundary issues (normally a lethal combo for an anime character) but it seems like he's also good at encouraging the female MC to do things, which I especially appreciate in a game like this

There's the man I'm after; his layered tank top has two zippers and he hasn't yet fully put on his jumpsuit. Despite this, he wants to go to the moon one day, and I've resolved to follow him with the possibly vain goal of preventing him from somehow dying during the attempt

First Code: Realize route completed; I got Impey's normal ending, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I liked that despite it being a side-story (and therefore not providing any closure on the MC's dramatic arc) it still provided a ton of content that was conclusive in its own way

That said, I can see his route as hit-or-miss for some people; it asks naively about how to appropriately react to a scale of tragedy I can't visualize my own reaction to, and one major character hams it up hardcore (I let those lines play out because I personally loved it)

For my second of the five available routes (after I finished cleaning up Impey's) I've chosen this star of a "to let you past I'll need to confiscate all your weapons" skit

Finishing up the Van Helsing path in Code: Realize, I appreciate how no matter how thoroughly each character has been used as one-note comic relief, the game treats the choice of "this is who I'd like the MC to pursue" as warranting a comparatively serious ending arc


(I say "comparatively" because for as serious as the story wants to treat itself, the Japanese dub still has the antagonist referring to him affectionately as "Van". That's it, that's the only reason)

Three routes down, I'm glad that even though I've gone this far into exploring the story I don't have the slightest clue what the hell the remaining pre-endgame route (in which the MC pursues anime Saint-Germain) could even be about, or who its major players might be

The other guys teach combat skills, chemistry, technology, and stealth; this mysterious MFer shows you around the city, all the while teasing the idea of getting to know him just SLIGHTLY more intimately

Saint-G's route has had me saving before every decision, I only have a tenuous idea what to do with each one. I'm still enjoying it a lot, saying anything more would be a spoiler

Lupin's route is done, and with it so is the game! The guy's second to last on my list of romantic candidates, but I was glad to get closure on several of the game's big mysteries and learn more about its world. I'll probably get one of the fandiscs at some point

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