Code: Realize vague spoilers (Saint-Germain route) 

Saint-G finally opens up his eyes, after eight chapters and many appearances in other routes, to reveal an ocean underneath. I could give or take this cravat-wearing joker as a romantic option, but god damn, what a swerve for a story like this to take, and his VA really pours it out in his performance


Code: Realize -major- spoilers (Saint-Germain route) 

I couldn't guess the major players for this story because they're part of a secret society that guides the world for the greater good (coincidentally to benefit the status quo, hmm) through targeted murder; operating on global/generational stakes instead of the other routes' local/individual, these characters are exclusive to this route. Anyway, it turns out they're Guinevere Knightsoftheroundtable and Eve "Omnibus" Bible

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