Here we go; there are a lot of noisy and low-contrast shots in this, I'm excited to be able to discern everything as intended in the highest-quality format commercially available

Fired up a regular Blu-Ray video disc on my Xbox One last night, then had to abort playing it after noticing the software consistently dropped a single frame every ~30 seconds; support forum threads date back to 2016 with no clear solution. Still plays great on PS3, at least

There's a phenomenon in dramatic TV where the pilot establishes the story's location, stakes, central characters, and tone in an artfully evocative way, then another writer/director's first non-pilot episode attempts to make it weekly-digestible and overcompensates massively

Picked up the Twin Peaks revival OST, partly for the ability to listen to No Stars on demand, partly for the ability to experience a compressed version of the emotional journey of a long-form work through its soundtrack. The last piece of media I did this for was Undertale

Finishing up my rewatch of the original series, I'm finding more to like about the latter half of season 2 than I thought; Donna and Shelly each starting to have more to do on their own, and Annie busting out onto the scene with an interesting personal story

That said, there are a mess of plot points that exist only as shock value for early '90s network-TV audience sensibilities, and the entire subplot with James (while he himself is cool) is such a meandering drag on everything else that I don't begrudge anyone for checking out

Also, the Black Lodge is brilliantly designed; I haven't ever seen the unreality of a supernatural phenomenon depicted in any other work of media in such a practical and analog way


Halfway through rewatching The Return, doing a much better job this time around interpreting the hardened criminal and the sleepwalking office worker as two different components of the same basic personality

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The slow limo drive struck me as unnecessary at first, but I now think it lets the viewer know that despite this season's penchant for shocking imagery it's not about to lapse into full-blown nihilism. Without this assurance the scenes afterward would be unbearably tense

Apropos of absolutely nothing, Sheryl Lee just pours her guts out for the audience in Fire Walk With Me and it's a spectacle start-to-finish (especially amazing considering she was supposedly just hired to be The Body)

Rewatch of The Return complete, also; I love how it tells its own self-contained story, establishes Twin Peaks as a playground for the audience's imagination, and plays with expectations about the series' own inherently finite nature right up to the final fade-out

If it ever continues (I'm fine with this being the end, and IMO the series seems to telegraph that it is too) I hope it includes more characters of color in non-service/sex-worker positions, I'd call that its biggest flaw to date

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