Thanks to Phen I now have wired internet attached to the PC I use for fighting games, allowing me to finally actually play them online! I have not fired up a single online mode in any one of them leading up to this point, out of concern for the experience

In theory all you need to improve is a single other person (and I couldn't have asked for a better one in my live-in partner) but the skill gap is roughly even between the two of us and I'm OK with getting completely wrecked every now and then

In my first DBFZ multiplayer session, despite having to relearn the mechanics during my first couple matches, I was able to rank up from Saibaman to Earthling! It's the part I was born to play

I have a few other fighting games I'd also like to start getting good at, most of them also by Arc System Works, and I think none of them have rollback netcode at all~

Last night I played a couple of online matches in Street Fighter V, discovering in the process that I still have to train myself out of the mindset of "Ah, fighting games! Where you enter the button combination, do the special move, and are rewarded with a handsome trophy"


Last night I was thoroughly roasted by Guilty Gear Xrd's singleplayer with battle awards for not bothering to block or duck for an entire round; Sol even had a win quote about my lack of regard for spacing and strategy, to which I say: Yes, accurate, 100%

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