Ah, my custom fightstick art finally came in today! Featuring Penny and her live-in girlfriend Grace

(Reupload:) This is the backing art; there are a few things I'd tweak but I'm still thrilled with the final result. This was the first time I fully rendered an image with lighting in Blender for the background of a piece, instead of taking screenshots and tracing it over

As an experiment I made my own crowd sprites; 20 models with 2 additional palettes each. Fun fact, I designed my arena without realizing that DBFZ's used the much more economical flat bench-style rows instead of rows of discrete seats separated into big and not-big sections

Four of the more obscured billboards; their content was less thoughtfully considered than the others, since I put 'em in primarily for lighting purposes and my own amusement

I only noticed this after the final piece was composited (my test renders were at 1080p with 128 passes, the final was in 8K with a few more). They're in love

@Lobst 'Darling, it won't always be like this, at the end of a phone. One day soon, you'll be here with me at Rise, sharing what we love.'
'Yes, my love, yes, I'd... sorry, hard to hear over this crowd, did you say "here at Rise"?'
'Yeah, I ... hey, why are you suddenly in stereo?'
[two delighted gasps]

@moult And this is perfect, I'm happy for them both~

@Lobst this is great! i love the attention to detail and how well the line art and render blend together, and materialising it in a custom object is very cool

@moult Thank you, that's kind of you to say! I'm pretty proud of it <3

@Lobst holy fuck, this is incredible, especially the way the piece works the SNK colors onto the lower buttons

@gardevoir Aw, thanks; I was hoping someone would notice <3

@Lobst That looks super good! If I can ask, what model is the box itself?

@Naux Mayflash F500! I picked it for its moddability

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