Pages 1 and 2 out of a ten-page comic I made for Pico issue #5 last February, about a forgotten (fictional) '00s-era rhythm game. I'll be posting two pages daily until it's done

Pages 3 and 4! The game isn't explicitly Taiko Drum Master or Donkey Konga, but it'd be absurd if I denied its influence


Pages 5 and 6! Because it's bright and colorful and has more players than you'd ordinarily expect

Pages 7 and 8! Featuring a rewrite from the print version; to find out what it was, simply buy a print copy from an online shop I keep telling myself I'll make but haven't bothered to yet

Pages 9 and 10, the finale for the first Vidhoppers story! Now that we're here, the sky's the limit

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