My HDMI splitter seems to have stopped authenticating the HDCP handshake from my PS4. It just means I'll have to replace the splitter, but it still feels wrong to have to make concessions to accommodate the copyright-protective design of an opaque media box


My favorite console to date is a Ryzen 3400G computer in an ITX case, running Lutris, Steam, and RetroArch through Linux Mint

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I still have to test out Yakuza 0 for an hour or so and get an RCA-to-Bluetooth adapter for audio, but it's looking like when I execute my plan of streaming both Y0 and Final Fantasy XIII they'll both be through this machine running the WINE Proton fork at glorious 720p

If anyone in chat accuses me of playing with cheats, glitches, and hacks I can just respond with "well yeah, how else would you run these games on a PC outside Windows"

Tried out Mirror's Edge: Catalyst on this machine, and I'm surprised it runs above 30FPS on Medium settings; there was a brief bummer moment when I noticed animated billboards weren't working, but disabling the ingame GPU memory restriction fixed it completely

FFXIV surprisingly works on laptop settings, but nowhere near a smooth 60FPS at any resolution; this is the one that had me dig out an HDMI cable to connect my desktop PC to my TV. Useful for if I ever decide to stream it again, though

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