Just got past Danganronpa 2's prologue; as it establishes its premise I appreciate just how much it expects new players to have already played the first one to completion

I keep notes playing through these, it's refreshing (not really) to encounter the game's new resident main cast member whose first bullet point is "- Sucks"

The way this series depicts low self-esteem fascinates me. Toko and Mikan are incredibly harsh on themselves, believing a fiction where something essential to their character warrants universal disgust; it's played up for comedic effect but I've 100% felt those ways before

I understand why crime fiction usually has their culprits admit guilt after being cornered with insurmountable evidence, but I appreciate that one of these cases feints at answering how a classroom trial would handle a murderer who claimed innocence until the very end

I was mad at the time about one specific case in the Ace Attorney series for reasons adjacent to this, but in retrospect I appreciate that it made me really think about how the noble self-image projected by criminal justice falls apart when the answers aren't clear-cut

Hey everyone, follow me to the site of the game's next murder case! It's a sealed chamber with a mysterious whirring sound every 30 minutes, after which the floor gently shakes. It is IMPOSSIBLE to tamper with the timer that causes this, which I mention for no reason at all


Campaign's over; that was fantastic. This game does a far better job of justifying its own existence than I'd have expected from a sequel that attempts to replicate the structure of its predecessor

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