100% getting Strive on release next month, but I still have no idea who I might play. I think I might just resort to my BlazBlue method of running through character tutorials and repeating Arcade Mode till I find someone that feels nice to play


I still haven't established my go-to character archetypes for fighters; in BlazBlue it's Ragna, Litchi, and Makoto, in Skullgirls it's Valentine/Peacock/Big Band, in TFH it's Paprika, I've liked playing as Cammy in SFV, and with MK11 I enjoy its FMV cutscenes in Story Mode

I have no specific plans to play her myself (my partner's enjoyed playing her in the beta, so I'm giving them first pick) but Giovanna's theme music and aesthetic are spot-on for me youtube.com/watch?v=VB677bm3iY

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