Level 1 of Half-Life: Alyx is walking around three very small rooms, taking in the scattered diagrams and text on their walls, and rubbing Alyx's oily hands all over every object you see. The level 1 boss is when a pigeon lands on the balcony and you try very hard to pet it

Easily the biggest challenge I had here followed my discovering two stacked flower pots. I separated them and accidentally dropped one, where it shattered into a dozen pieces on the floor. The pieces faded away before I could pick them up, a missed gameplay opportunity IMO

Just got past the meeting in the quarantine zone; it was a larger-than-life encounter and I was almost too impressed by the face-to-face presence of such an unreal person to listen to what they were actually saying, but I've found that's the case with VR in general

One of the hot Windows Mixed Reality exclusives is Halo: Recruit, a demo where you fire a Halo pistol at a fixed sequence of 2D alien graphics. After it gives you your score there's a brief sequence where John Halo himself shows up, larger than life and handsome as hell

I picked up my headset in late 2020, at what seems like the tail end of this wave of PCVR; playing that demo for the first time, I felt a bit of actual resentment that it wasn't the proof-of-concept for a full product, just because that last bit looked that good

Just got past the explosive dungeon in Alyx; I was hoping to finish at another face-to-face encounter, but I died so many times (until it was hammered into me that I had no choice but to shoot a barnacle) that I bounced out for the day as soon as I saw the sky

One downside to WMR is how with its inside-out/two-camera tracking system it benefits you to hold your hands at chest-level like a T-Rex. It'll be fun to replay this when the funds and supply exist for me to pick up a lighthouse-tracking VR system and a better video card

Two more hours in, now seemingly on the other side of the hotel; this game delights in showing grisly stuff the way Half-Life always has, but a few rooms' worth of bursting Xen flora had me eager to bounce out for the day

After the first Combine encounter I realized one of the soldiers I'd killed fell onto the train tracks; I thought "Hmm, that's a hazard" and spent a minute awkwardly pulling the body onto the ground nearby

Just came out of a late-night session: Okay, NOW I'm in Chapter 6. Amazing anyone's capable of speedrunning this, considering the time dilation factor I'm experiencing here


The relay station puzzle requires you to influence staggeringly complex scientific equipment using super-kludgy FPS verbs, it's easily the most Half-Life thing in this game so far

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