I wouldn't have assumed I'd be excited about a new Saints Row after Gat out of Hell, but the new trailer (despite itself being an over-the-top action sequence) looks positively grounded compared to the direction the series went after 2, and I'm into it personally

My 3 hopes for Saints Row Self Made:
1. That it brings back the open-ended campaign structure and secret-filled world from 1 and 2
2. That the humor doesn't upstage the action, if there's another FIAJ I'm out
3. If the original series' crew appears, that they're in DLC only

Oh, by "brings back the world" I mean conceptually, not literally! Gosh, that'd be an awful expectation to put on a game studio; I'm glad nobody's doing that

Launched Saints Row The Third for the first time in over half a decade; the earlier setpieces are conceptually impressive and well-animated, but the fact that so many of them are in the way between starting a new game and hitting open-world gameplay is a flaw for sure


Even if you skip cutscenes: bank heist tutorial -> (optional) create-a-character -> fight through plane -> skydiving sequences A and B -> drive to gun shop -> upgrade gun -> drive to/infiltrate military base?! -> defend some helicopters! -> heli turret sequence to safehouse

I still can't figure out why some minigames automatically kick you out the instant you reach the objective. It happens even in activities like Insurance Fraud where there are no activity-specific assets and the objective is a score you need to reach before the timer's up

Finish an activity and it's greyed out; do the activity again and it'll provide the same general experience alongside a small amount of cash and respect; no bonuses for doing well, no high scores recorded (not even locally so you can compete with yourself)

Additionally, when you complete an activity its designated section of the city is now Saint-controlled and free of rival gangs. Great if you want to complete a checklist, but it has the side-effect of making the open world in this crime game less chaotic the more you play

Here's the look I've got at the moment, also. I haven't checked the entire selection yet, and I'm saving my money for properties and crucial upgrades

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