Played through Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin in front of the housemates and started on the sequel; one of them was new to the series, for as visually polished as Rhombus is I'm glad the deliberate pacing and hint-heavy dialogue of a guided VR story didn't scare him off


My opinion on the first game has softened quite a bit, I no longer think it should be remade, but it'd be great if it got the polish of a Night Dive-style preservation-upgrade with a disclaimer about how it leans into stereotypes and treats a few serious issues casually

(status on 2 -- I made it to the first post-HQ "mission" and I love it so far. I'm enjoying playing it for the housemates, but I can tell that like the first game I'm going to jump into my personal deep-dive playthrough immediately after finishing this)

(status on 2 -- just finished a sub-objective of a three-part mainline quest and all I have to say is: Whew)

Hit credits in Psychonauts 2 but far from finished; I was getting frustrated with a few minor aspects by the end of it (mostly about the combat and bosses) but it's otherwise basically my ideal 3D platformer, full of inventive places to explore and interesting things to do

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