Started up Judgment on my base PS4, it performs terribly but I'm having a good time nonetheless. I decided to try playing it with the note-taking style I used for Danganronpa 1 and 2, and realized at the end of Chapter 1 it's absolutely not meant to be played that way at all

The very first page of the combat upgrade menu is devoted to a move where you sprint at an enemy, leapfrog over them, and hit them in the back on your way down. I bought them all ASAP and now it's all I do

One of these days I'll seriously attempt a Frogwares Sherlock Holmes game, maybe at some point after I collect all the documents in my next playthrough of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst and construct a mental map of its lore

Update on Judgment, I'm on chapter 7 of 10 and I've solved combat: just get the move where you jump off a wall and hit the grab button, Yagami wraps his calves around an enemy's neck, spins in a circle, and flip-throws him. It requires no heat and appears to be unblockable

OK, if the Keihin assault I just dealt with is any indication, some bosses do in fact block this, most enemies just don't seem to think to do so

Up to chapter 10 (of actually 13) now, I agree with the story's insistence that it's important for people accused of crimes to get solid legal defense even in cases where they're actually guilty, it's depressing that it has to insist this point so patiently

I've been understandably encountering a few more enemies that block my flawless technique, but I wasn't expecting a boss fight in an unlit room where Yagami refuses to run (and therefore cannot launch off walls to perform the Xenia Onatopp maneuver I've been so reliant on)

Some advice from a friend enlightened me to a few valuable combat techniques! Up to chapter 12 now, to the point where advancing the story requires me to speak to a secondary character at the base of the Millennium Tower. This'll be a the first Ryu Ga Gotoku game I beat

The pause menu existing as an ingame smartphone Yagami looks at means when I unpause, realize I forgot something in the menu, and pause again, he puts his phone in his pocket and immediately takes it out again, and damn if that isn't a mood

What a considerate warning! Even so, I'm leaping headfirst into this as though I just jumped off a wall and there's a weak enemy in front of me

Finished, my only regret is that the guy you confront in court before it starts raining radiates Yakuza final-boss energy just from his physical appearance and you don't get to fight him even once

(for real, though, it took me multiple hours to work out how to get to this point in the fight)

@Lobst Based on the post before this, I like to imagine you've just been watching cutscenes for the last 7 hours.

@srol Nah, I kept finding excuses to put it off even after saying I was about to do it. Sign of an A+ game if there ever was one

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