Finally upgrading from the RX580 I've been clunking around in VR with. It's to a 6600XT, a modest card compared to its contemporaries, but also a major performance boost from what I'm used to and a product I was able to actually purchase new/sealed from a retailer with money

Oh, backordered. Well, if this is the prelude to the order getting cancelled I'll take it as a cue to find a better card or a better deal

Order's back on after a chat with customer service, which is good, because I surveyed the playing field and it seemed like my other options were to either refresh search results or enter random drawings for bundle deals featuring a slightly worse card at the same price

6600XT reviews say "how could you possibly justify this when the GeForce 3060Ti performs better and has an MSRP of a mere $400?", meanwhile we're at a point where everywhere with a functioning Add To Cart button prices those cards at $800 or higher. Market's dire as hell

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