Finally upgrading from the RX580 I've been clunking around in VR with. It's to a 6600XT, a modest card compared to its contemporaries, but also a major performance boost from what I'm used to and a product I was able to actually purchase new/sealed from a retailer with money

Oh, backordered. Well, if this is the prelude to the order getting cancelled I'll take it as a cue to find a better card or a better deal

Order's back on after a chat with customer service, which is good, because I surveyed the playing field and it seemed like my other options were to either refresh search results or enter random drawings for bundle deals featuring a slightly worse card at the same price

6600XT reviews say "how could you possibly justify this when the GeForce 3060Ti performs better and has an MSRP of a mere $400?", meanwhile we're at a point where everywhere with a functioning Add To Cart button prices those cards at $800 or higher. Market's dire as hell

Upgraded my CPU cooler in advance of the new card getting here, nothing fancy (from stock Wraith Prism to a Noctua NH-U9S, the best option for my HTPC case). Things weren't especially dire before but I'd still like to have extra insurance to keep components from throttling

Card's shipped, currently vibrating in anticipation. I was thinking about it, the only VR experiences I'd consider especially smooth have been Synth Riders and Windlands; it'll be nice to play other titles without being especially worried about framerates lurching to a crawl

Often a VR game will fully intend to knock the player's socks off by showing tons of shader effects or a hyperdetailed character close-up, meanwhile on an Odyssey+ with an RX580 I'm usually half impressed, half eager to be on the other side of the event

(this has kept me from seriously firing up titles like Boneworks, Elite: Dangerous, and Obduction, I figure I wouldn't get a good experience in any of them until after a hardware upgrade like this)

(Oh, and I've been playing through Alyx regardless of this because I've been a Half-Life fan since 1998, I knew I'd play through it more than once)


The new card's here and my 3DMark score has doubled! I just went through another Alyx chapter; the new hardware's not a complete panacea for framedrops in VR but it's enough of an improvement to hold me for a few more years

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