Three hours into the Outer Wilds VR mod (the way I'm doing my first playthrough) it feels almost like an official product, even though my WMR setup means I'm having to intuit its button layouts through trial and error

No discomfort yet either (not even in 6DOF spaceflight!), though I'm going to have to play around with graphic settings just to see what my PC's capable of reliably getting away with

The one downside to this mod for a first playthrough, the right-holster tool (signalscope) is used frequently throughout the tutorial, the left one (translator) not at all -- so I only now rediscovered it exists after seeing dozens of patterns and wondering what they mean


Capturing some video of my playthrough of this, out of sensitivity for spoilers I'll probably stitch together a few noteworthy minute-long clips and upload them (sans commentary) as a single video

Just finished a three-hour session; worth noting that for as high-intensity people assume this must be, my limits for playing are essentially how long I'm comfortable standing and interacting with things in VR. No nausea to speak of, and I get it playing Alyx

Outer Wilds base game complete, and what an experience! I encountered a few bugs with the current NomaiVR build, but I'd still call it as a first playthrough one of VR's killer apps (and still worth playing in flatscreen mode if VR doesn't work for you)

Taking the last few highlights out of the raw footage, it's going to be over an hour long even before the ending sequence (which I'll be including in full, aside from one pause where I had to refresh my memory on a thing that's part of the flatscreen mode UI)

Some of this footage is rough, because I had to figure out my recording process as I went; large sections have a Windows cursor centered onscreen and there are a few clips where I'll have to edit around the WMR driver simply forgetting to mirror headset audio to desktop

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