I was going to wait till the Steam Deck came out to start streaming again, but the delay has me rethinking that. There are games I've been saving for this and I'm not waiting till April

Part of my motivation was to show off how far Linux gaming through Wine has come, but I can do that with a separate partition in my desktop PC instead; it'll have better graphics than the Deck, too


Installation media created, I'm going with Manjaro because Lutris no longer supports Linux Mint. I'll be installing it on a new SSD that I'll be mounting on a PCI bracket, both those things should arrive Sunday

I installed the bracket and SSD last night, OS install went off without a hitch, it currently houses one entire series and a few other titles here and there. I want to pick a super-long game and plow through its entire campaign on Twitch before the end of the year

Had to refresh to something closer to stock Ubuntu since something in my Manjaro install kept the 6600XT from performing anywhere near how well it works in Windows. The end result seems to work well, though, so now I have two OSes, one for flatscreen games and another for VR

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