Yakuza games have incredible music. Just thinking of a song from a boss fight I saw on a stream once motivated me to buy Like A Dragon so I could experience it again through firsthand gameplay


I've collected the rest of the main series games alongside a spinoff or two, and they're all high on the list, -but- I'm definitely not gonna wait till I've "caught up" to play through this one

Played the first chapter of this last night. It struck me how Ichiban's JRPG hero mentality does more than explain his approach to combat, it also helps illustrate why he's so attached to romantic notions and willing to leap into acts of extreme selflessness

Having just come off of Judgment, the story in this (IIRC) similarly is meant to seem capable of happening in reality, but in Y7 the way Ichiban recalls his first meeting with Arakawa makes it feel unreal, his teen hooligan years interrupted by a living legend stepping in

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