Hypnospace Outlaw (Chapter 2 spoilers) 

In the middle of cracking a music piracy case, I managed to deftly hack my way into the FLST protocol, started searching the tags of users who might be connected enough to be in the know, stumbled across the apparent source of the contested files, and said "Are you -fucking- kidding me" out loud

Just finished Hypnospace Outlaw, what a wonderful game to finish after midnight and immediately buy the six-volume soundtrack to. I also had a pretty good time with Dropsy, I definitely won't be sleeping on whatever this crew does next

Hypnospace Outlaw (post-ending thoughts, spoilers) 

I like the whip-turn this game takes from the pages you browse seeming infinite/disposable at first, to the finale when you have unique access to less than 200MB of data across three backup periods and everything is deserving of archival. I'd ultimately call its depiction biased (one [1] person celebrates a non-Christian religion) but I still enjoyed my time with it overall.

(drugs're bad! ᵧₒᵤ can't ᵗᵃᵏᵉ them 𝑵𝑶!)

Final desktop for posterity:

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