Making my way through the Microsoft presentation, I'm skipping past more of these announcements than usual; either the company they're attached to has a tarnished reputation due to harassment and crunch, the trailer audio is overwhelming, or the game just Looks Bad

Nine minutes(?!) on Diablo IV, they only reveal the logo after the first two and a half. Ha, fuck off

I'd call Minecraft Legends one of the Looks Bad games; I'm sure it's fine to play, but it's honestly bizarre to me that this is the second spinoff based on Minecraft's combat, one of the original game's most unremarkable parts

Redfall looks nice, and I'm a fan of the studio's other works; it'll be interesting to see how co-op fits into it, I don't think I've seen that in the subgenre they typically play in


This sounds dismissive and I don't mean it that way, but any videogame that takes visual inspiration from H. R. Giger is always going to be a Dark Seed sequel to me

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