A momentous occasion, I finally remembered to start watching an FGC event before the final matches on its final day

Watching the top-48 leading into today's main-stage Skullgirls bracket, the solo Peacock/Beowulf match was great for me, since those are characters respectively mained by myself and Clover

It was also super nice to see Justin Wong hard at work earlier, I hope that isn't the last time he and Daigo match up; I was hooked even though I've played approximately .05 seconds of Street Fighter IV in my entire life

Took almost 48 hours of hacking but I found an instrumental version of the song that plays between events youtube.com/watch?v=LSSUd5cnq3

Amazing Skullgirls final set; some of my favorite moments involved both players moving back and forth looking for an opening on their opponent while also jumping and calling in assists; it really illustrates how frenetic this game can get

Tuned in for MK11, excited to finally see John McClane perform a spine-crushing X-ray attack on Eddie Van Halen

Melty's on now, I haven't played this for a while but I still love its clean sprite aesthetic and serene urban backgrounds! I'm looking forward to seeing what the next batch of characters adds to the game


("adds" as in "adds enough of the base liquid to dilute a poison pill")

I ended up getting too absorbed in making 2D artwork (RT'd earlier today from my go-live account) to devote proper attention to GBVS or DBFZ! I'm catching the hell up on both of those now, though

Probably an ice-cold take, but it makes perfect sense that most of GBVS's top-8 are from Japan, it's a niche game and nobody outside the country can play it outside singleplayer modes and (barely-existent) locals. Shame, it looks beautiful and I like its moxie

It still blows my mind that this game has a paid battlepass

The grand finals GBVS match where Gamera and Tororo are crouched next to each other at a corner, waiting for the other to strike first while the crowd goes completely wild

Just caught the announcements at the end of KoFXV; when the remix of Sunrise on the Train started playing I bolted upright in my chair

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