Death Stranding 

Apropos of nothing (really just my realizing the video upload limits are higher now): here's the video I made to show off the custom furry THUG Pro model I modeled as a gift for my partner @phenokage last year

Assassin's Creed Odyssey (sidequest) 

Blender stream suffered a sudden loss of progress 45 minutes in due to system-level hotkey clumsiness on my part, but was ultimately successful after that! Here's where today's session started and here's where I'm at now: 🔸

Before I put this icon into retirement, here it is in full -- if you want one in this style, don't hesitate to commission my longtime friend @demoweasel (who does these routinely)

Steven Universe Season 5 


FINALLY able to call this done, and not a moment too soon! (Done in and Blender.)

Pokemon Go 

And now, a refsheet of the tortoise fursona I developed to represent anxiety/life situations that can't be adequately depicted with my android or kobold designs 🔸

I drew a nice little notification card for this and Mixer didn't propagate it to either desktop feed on my end, so here it is now, I guess!!

Observation about my old furry art from 2008, PG-13 sexuality/innuendo 

SGDQ 2019: Mega Man 3 digital art 

SGDQ 2019 Day 1: Sonic Generations digital art 

Pokemon Go friend code 

Applied the official box-art subtitles to Myst 1 through 3 in Lutris

Tweaked this a bit further:
- Added Godot, Focus Writer, and a few microconsoles
- Installed xboxdrv, added a desktop shortcut to a shell script to activate a wired 360 controller once plugged in via USB
- Consolidated all emulator shortcuts into a single folder, with custom icon applied; DRM-free games to be included shortly
- Added pMusic (for podcasts) and Quod Libet (for music), for future creative streams

Was unsure about the scale of various things in an architecture study I decided to model from scratch, so I drew an assistant to help with visual reference. (It worked; I now see that those cabinets are all off in multiple ways. Modeled in Blender 2.8; assistant is @phenokage )

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