Tiny Computer Chronicles (RPi4 Saga) 

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX 

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Pokémania Catch(-'em-)all Thread: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (???) 

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Raspberry Pi 3B+ as non-Kodi media center 

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No idea how these settings applied to the Manga Inker pen resulted in Infinite Painter giving me a brush that's close enough to binary for my own personal standards, but hey, I'll take it 🔸

Stream graphics of my main fursona, sketched in Infinite Painter, inked/colored in Krita, and sequenced in Aseprite

Death Stranding 

Apropos of nothing (really just my realizing the video upload limits are higher now): here's the video I made to show off the custom furry THUG Pro model I modeled as a gift for my partner @phenokage last year

Assassin's Creed Odyssey (sidequest) 

Blender stream suffered a sudden loss of progress 45 minutes in due to system-level hotkey clumsiness on my part, but was ultimately successful after that! Here's where today's session started and here's where I'm at now: 🔸

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Before I put this icon into retirement, here it is in full -- if you want one in this style, don't hesitate to commission my longtime friend @demoweasel (who does these routinely)

Steven Universe Season 5 


FINALLY able to call this done, and not a moment too soon! (Done in and Blender.)

Pokemon Go 

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And now, a refsheet of the tortoise fursona I developed to represent anxiety/life situations that can't be adequately depicted with my android or kobold designs 🔸

I drew a nice little notification card for this and Mixer didn't propagate it to either desktop feed on my end, so here it is now, I guess!!

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Observation about my old furry art from 2008, PG-13 sexuality/innuendo 

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