FINALLY able to call this done, and not a moment too soon! (Done in and Blender.)

Pokemon Go 

And now, a refsheet of the tortoise fursona I developed to represent anxiety/life situations that can't be adequately depicted with my android or kobold designs 🔸

I drew a nice little notification card for this and Mixer didn't propagate it to either desktop feed on my end, so here it is now, I guess!!

Observation about my old furry art from 2008, PG-13 sexuality/innuendo 

SGDQ 2019: Mega Man 3 digital art 

SGDQ 2019 Day 1: Sonic Generations digital art 

Pokemon Go friend code 

Applied the official box-art subtitles to Myst 1 through 3 in Lutris

Tweaked this a bit further:
- Added Godot, Focus Writer, and a few microconsoles
- Installed xboxdrv, added a desktop shortcut to a shell script to activate a wired 360 controller once plugged in via USB
- Consolidated all emulator shortcuts into a single folder, with custom icon applied; DRM-free games to be included shortly
- Added pMusic (for podcasts) and Quod Libet (for music), for future creative streams

Was unsure about the scale of various things in an architecture study I decided to model from scratch, so I drew an assistant to help with visual reference. (It worked; I now see that those cabinets are all off in multiple ways. Modeled in Blender 2.8; assistant is @phenokage )

A friend asked me to draw her fursona into a legendary Evangelion manga panel in the original style and, well,

I'm especially a fan of page 94, where the section dedicated to combining Mario Paint with your CD player and VCR to make a music video veers into showing off a community member's workflow tricks for successfully executing this time-consuming project. Make a video to Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", kids; its strong images will inspire you

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, other portable RPGs 

For the record, this is what I'd be replacing. This isn't my personal childhood copy, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't somebody else's

Thinking hard enough about replacing the faded/torn-up label on my (exactly one) Genesis cartridge that I put together a mockup for a replacement. And while this was a good exercise, I think the best way forward might be to just draw some fanart to use instead

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (mild Prison Tower spoilers) 

And just in case you don't have six hours to kill, here's a time-lapse of the progress I was able to make before I decided to stop for dinner 🔸

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