Jumped right back in. Still plenty of improvements to be made, but these two models are already best friends. Shoutout to this program for continuing to function, also

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Gave ShapeLab a shot in VR today! In addition to being able to save files and sculpt shapes without crashing, it allowed me to model my (currently very incomplete and proportionally inaccurate) shirtless self in a seasonally appropriate spooky environment

Retopo day 1, featuring a slightly less triangulated face and spherical eyeballs (with appropriately shaped eye sockets) so I can look at things -- or rather, at specific things, and not everything surrounding me all the time

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Adventures in crane-posing; I will say it'd be better if the game could accommodate the views it's capable of. There's plenty of distinctive architecture and the lighting is often gorgeous, but when you get above a certain height there's no visible movement on street level

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VRChat selfies (6/30/2022) 

Came along with some pals to the grim and gloomy world of Silent Hill 2! It was nice, but frankly I don't think the form of therapy offered by this town is beneficial to me

I like how adding Furality's official badge prop nearly doubles the polycount of my avatar (from 4,986 triangles to 9,481)

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Another day, another land rife with inexplicable natural wonders to build theme park rides on

AI-generated artwork crossovers, Dale Cooper edition 

"Agent" = "sunglasses" to this AI, even though Dale Cooper never wore any to my knowledge. Still, the Cooper shines through in a few of these; image 1 in the painting one is a tape-recorder pose, and his poses in images 6 and 7 in the Araki one remind me of the character's vulnerability. The Watterson one (though not reminiscent of the artist's actual work to me) has a couple of McLachlan-like faces, and the Tekken one is just brilliant

During recent VRChat meetups I've found some fun in putting up quick little doodles using the pens you find in a lot of worlds

From a purchase made off the Xbox 360 marketplace today, the broken images are a nice touch

VRChat selfies (Wednesday and Saturday meetups) 

Gotta take more non-selfie pics in future meetups (you can't blame me for looking beautiful), but these are nice! Worlds include Cynosura's fabulous implementation of Unreal Tournament's Facing Worlds, Otter Sync's gorgeous and nicely-optimized Clam Club - Nights, and Coopertom's horrifying 1970s real-estate open house

The addition of tail/hat physbones and a second handful of facial expressions means the Quest version of this model is now feature-complete! Up next, a polycount more at home on an Xbox 360 than a Playstation 2 :servbot_exuberant:

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Truly a fun time tonight, I was honored to be in the company of not just one but four iconic personalities in the same conversation

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Testing the fixed-eyes/face version of this turned into a little selfie adventure against wall art. (Worlds: Coopertom's amazing mall and a gorgeous implementation of Xenoblade 2's Argentum trade guild)

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Clover and I finished catching up with the Halo co-op campaigns two weeks ago, to commemorate the occasion they gave me the Halo encyclopedia from Dark Horse; I took it as a cue to get a few extra bits and pieces to celebrate it for myself

A wonderful birthday art gift from @moult, featuring a very kind rendition of my streaming mindset

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