Additionally, this; I don't know if I'll be able to reach Heavensward/Stormblood zones by 5.4, but I promise to collect as many of these (and their weapons) as I possibly can

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Did the anniversary quest and was blessed in the resulting cutscene with a few opportunities to look at my OC and say "Oh! Handsome!"

Today I ran a dungeon (while catching up to my old alt's progress) and had partway through the dire realization of "oh no, I think I'm the most experienced player here"

BlazBlue/Arc System Works fighter sprite GIFs, Kokonoe 

I can think of a few people on this site who embody this specific energy. It's a shame the GIFs I found didn't include her dash (where instead of running she rides a Razor scooter to her destination, you know, on the 2D fighting game arena)

Requisite DoH/DoL intro quest acceptance montage. Old news, but I think non-Ul'dahans visit Ul'dah last (which has crafting guilds laid out left-to-right on the map) partly to cap off a new player's crafting run with the last question

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I tried completing Sastasha as a tank and couldn't stand the party-forming wait, so this feline's a healer now. I was initially on the fence about his name in social situations, but that disappeared the first time another player asked "Smoky" for help

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Pretty good title for an achievement in a game with dialogue that'd perfectly slot into a ProZD skit, IMO 🔸

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Slightly bulging computer hardware 


Well, at least I caught this before the 30-day return period was up

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"That's it! I'm getting into fighting games!", I say with exact Homer-Goes-to-Clown-College energy🔸

I've been enjoying watching Phen play Doom Eternal so far; the game's a comedy, but the most ridiculous moment to me by far was when he fired up the Bethesda launcher to be greeted by this collage of marketing images clearly focus-tested to sell M-rated games to adults 🔸

Named my island after a Rippingtons track at the last minute and it grew on me quickly. Enjoying the gently communal nature of this setting 🔸

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Switch-owner pals, add me and maybe we can cross an animal sometime 🔸

This is in response to the announcement on Twitter that I'll be in the next issue of Pico, an anthology of cartoon animal comics! The comic's called "Vidhoppers: Constructing a Gateway" and stars a three-person ensemble cast as they reminisce fondly about a game I fabricated as a pastiche of actual media phenomena from the mid '00s

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Tiny Computer Chronicles (RPi4 Saga) 

Oh hey, the 40mm fan grill I eBayed for $2 arrived from Shenzhen today! It's a little crooked but still fits great and adds character; I also did a half-ass job of removing the SSD label and added a sticker from my friend Chu. The Katrina evacuee in me is a fan of having all this in a pocket-size form factor; 240GB is roomy for Raspbian, but I anticipate adding even more storage to it as I upgrade the storage in my other devices (like my PC and Switch).

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX 

I used to use Bulbasaur as a stand-in for myself in situations like this, but Phen recently described me as more of a Totodile and I can't say I disagree

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Pokémania Catch(-'em-)all Thread: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (???) 

(there are other autocompletes for "Lucario and" and I made the mistake of seeing the first page of results for one of them. This is a PSA)

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