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Made the Undertale butterscotch/cinnamon pie (using the Lvl. 1 Chef recipe, complete with handmade crust) for my third year in a row, and hand-whipped some cream to go along with it

Raspberry Pi 3B+ as non-Kodi media center 

The C4Labs case came in and it took one evening's worth of use with the Scotchloks sticking out of the GPIO access port before I decided to snip them off and twist the wires together with electrical tape. And it still works, hooray!

As expected, the fan goes with this case incredibly well. I wonder if they make PCs with woodgrain panels often in Austria, and that's why Noctua fans ship looking like this

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No idea how these settings applied to the Manga Inker pen resulted in Infinite Painter giving me a brush that's close enough to binary for my own personal standards, but hey, I'll take it 🔸

Stream graphics of my main fursona, sketched in Infinite Painter, inked/colored in Krita, and sequenced in Aseprite

Death Stranding 

Two of our housemates are That Committed to the auteur, it seems

Apropos of nothing (really just my realizing the video upload limits are higher now): here's the video I made to show off the custom furry THUG Pro model I modeled as a gift for my partner @phenokage last year

Assassin's Creed Odyssey (sidequest) 

You know, when you attempt to do a full Let's Play of the Legend of Spyro series, you learn a few things about the community

Blender stream suffered a sudden loss of progress 45 minutes in due to system-level hotkey clumsiness on my part, but was ultimately successful after that! Here's where today's session started and here's where I'm at now: 🔸

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Before I put this icon into retirement, here it is in full -- if you want one in this style, don't hesitate to commission my longtime friend (who does these routinely)

Steven Universe Season 5 

Good season overall, though IMO it underdelivered on what I ultimately come to the show for in the first place


Just played this to a reasonable level of completion. Pretty good game, that's all I'll say about it for now

FINALLY able to call this done, and not a moment too soon! (Done in and Blender.)

Pokemon Go 

Oregon's historic Haystack Rock, both IRL and as depicted through my millennial frame of mind

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And now, a refsheet of the tortoise fursona I developed to represent anxiety/life situations that can't be adequately depicted with my android or kobold designs 🔸

I drew a nice little notification card for this and Mixer didn't propagate it to either desktop feed on my end, so here it is now, I guess!!

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Observation about my old furry art from 2008, PG-13 sexuality/innuendo 

I was talking with a friend about novelty in projects as a motivator, and brought up a meme I contributed to; the whole thing isn't worth showing off (I was super cavalier and nearing the tail-end of my edgelord phase) but these parts still look good to me. I was able to pull off multiple of these rows per-day despite having a full-time job at the time and I have no idea, uh, -how- I was capable of doing that

SGDQ 2019: Mega Man 3 digital art 

EXTRA CREDIT AT LAST, I'm glad I was able to draw at least one more thing for this marathon! (Today they ran Mega Man 3 [my personal favorite], but their Rockman 4 Minus Infinity run was also amazing!)

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SGDQ 2019 Day 1: Sonic Generations digital art 

HERE it is! My goal was to make at least one thing for this marathon, so hey, mission complete!

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Pokemon Go friend code 

I've been playing this over the last week or so; if you add me, let me know your ingame name (if it's not obvious) so I can nickname you properly

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