It's me, the one person who watched Ubisoft Forward anticipating announcements relating to both The Crew 2 and Just Dance 2021. Ah well, I'll just preemptively hold my breath in anticipation of the next streaming event they put out

Hah, this did nothing it turns out. In the absence of some other solution coming up I'll probably just get a replacement controller later this year, mod it out of the box for responsiveness/long-term durability, and keep the old one around for replacement parts

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Had an issue in Taiko no Tatsujin where my drum was registering phantom inputs, so I had to take it apart, swab the sensors with isopropyl alcohol, and pray that'd be enough. I was able to make it through two songs afterward, so I'd say the prayer worked if nothing else

Red Dead Redemption 1 endgame spoilers 

When I was in the middle of playing RDR1 for the first time I had to look something up in a wiki and ended up spoiling myself on the mission names and characters. Out of context, it made the last few missions seem like they'd take place in a surrealist nightmare world separate from the main map, and like the 'family' John had been talking up through Mexico was a fictional construct that would eventually betray him completely in a cruel endgame twist

(this thought began as "he sounds like a Regular Show character but not any specific one", but I think that does a disservice to the actor)

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Phen and I finally got to the part in DBZ where Mr. Satan shows up, I have to wonder how much Chris Rager's portrayal of this specific character influenced Regular Show nearly a decade later

FGC vague, could apply to a variety of things really 

Holy fucking shit dude

Developing an attitude with sleep where if I wake up too early I just get up, stretch my legs, drink some water, and Try Again until I've technically been in bed for well over ten hours. Two weeks of these in a row and I bet I'll feel like a person again

Video game analysis/personal philosophy 

Games that tweak your experience in those ways to make you feel more powerful are a long way from being skill-free, and they'd still have plenty of value either way, but I'd still like to engage with them a bit more critically than I have been. I'll probably get Assassin's Creed Valhalla after the pleasant experience I had with Odyssey but I'll be working my way through it with a "more tools if you've got 'em, please" mindset

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Video game analysis/personal philosophy 

I think my newfound appreciation for fighting games (and ever-present appreciation for rhythm games) comes from feeling like a lot of genres lie to you about the skills you're developing -- both in the sense of "this upgrade tree gets you all sorts of overpowered abilities" and "ah! we've noticed you've died a few times, let's just silently crank down enemy attack damage by an unseen percentage for your next attempt so your path to credits can continue"

If you ask me, we should remove any reference to intelligence from RPGs. And I've actually thought of how to do this a bit, using the standard dnd set.

Instead of INT, WIS, and CHA, just have two "mental" stats: Focus and Influence (FOC and INF). Focus is your ability to memorize and recall information, as well as your ability to concentrate. Influence is your ability to persuade, blug, beguile and intimidate.

Then have ALL stats be things you can work on increasing every level.

current events 

be gay

if you do crimes, don't admit to them on the internet

People created and customized user accounts to follow and participate in my Mixer channel and I won't forget that

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The death of Mixer just reminds me that I once actually considered it the individual consumer's job to help cultivate a market full of alternatives, when it's virtually impossible to do that on Mixer's scale without a substantial incentive for each individual user

Thinking out loud about laptops :servbot_at_work: 

Just to provide closure on this: After a false start with a unit that had a single bad keyboard key I finally received what appears to be a fully working machine: an FA506IV-BR7N12. I deliberately chose one with a 60Hz screen (I've heard when you go above it's hard to go back), and was pleased to find it also had an HDD bay; now to get back to whatever I was doing back when I last had a computer I could use outside a tiny corner of my room

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Snarking about a game 

@Scruffo @demoweasel I didn't know any of these story details, but I'm so happy to hear about them in the face of how insufferably self-serious this game is

Snarking about a different game for a similar reason 

"Wow, Kingdom Hearts 3 is $8!" It's a giant ad for a suite of Disney properties and attractions with gameplay attached; I know people find value in the story and characters, but they should still be paying you to play it

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Snarking about a game 

It installed directly into my computer's recycle bin, weird

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