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if you have a to do list and "repair the amiga" is on it, and you do it, you gotta check it off your list like this :amicheck:


You have 30 hours left to back the greenhouse dragons enamel pin kickstarter! thank you everyone for your support so far!


Yesterday was a "as long as you're being productive doing SOMETHING it doesn't matter what you do" day, and I wound up making almost all the graphics for a Gameboy version of a thing I did in RPG Maker like five years ago.

never again feel dysphoria from recaptcha

#recaptcha-anchor-label {
font-size: 0 !important;
line-height: 0 !important;

#recaptcha-anchor-label::before {
content: "I'm a robot";
font-size: 14px;

On this, the rabbitest of holidays, please keep in your heart, the original anime bunny girl, Bunnie Rabot, from Sonic SatAM

LB: Ah, this must be what that Linus Tech Tips "Microsoft should be VERY afraid" video was about

And I intend to stream a lot, because for all my performance anxiety I am better at getting things done when it seems like my performance might be monitored. (Just, uh, preferably monitored only by people who know who I am and what I'm about.) 🔸

It made me wonder whether Mixer employs people specifically to wander into chatrooms and drive up engagement! Either way, that experience is why even though Mixer has creative categories now, my creative streams will still be through Picarto for the foreseeable future🔸

The last time I streamed NieR a stranger jumped into the chat mid-cutscene and started acting emotionally engaged with the story, referring to the characters familiarly while also pretending they didn't know how the Act 1 finale ended. It weirded me out quite a bit🔸

(also, Godot and TIC-80 look great from an outsider's perspective, but I think I'm going to cool off on recommending programming environments until I've made another substantial thing in one)

I think my next course of action is to make a couple of low-key animated GIFs to put in some corner during streams, to display my current status (mic/no mic at the very least) and confirm as visual feedback for viewers that video's functioning as intended

Tweaked this a bit further:
- Added Godot, Focus Writer, and a few microconsoles
- Installed xboxdrv, added a desktop shortcut to a shell script to activate a wired 360 controller once plugged in via USB
- Consolidated all emulator shortcuts into a single folder, with custom icon applied; DRM-free games to be included shortly
- Added pMusic (for podcasts) and Quod Libet (for music), for future creative streams

LOVE2D update: I was unable to get 90 Second Portraits to launch through the AppImage from a .love file, which calls into question whether it's as future-proof as I've made it out to be. I think a better API would've accounted for someone attempting to run a program from 2014🔸

I adore these boys from the Opposing Force menu because they look less like combatants and more like they're in the middle of a flamboyant dance routine

don't put CTF in your game if you're not gonna let me twirl the fuck out of that flag

Someone ( made a whole GameBoy dev studio for making topdown 2D RPG-style games
Like, as in, it literally exports to a gameboy rom

cis passing? yeah, passing them on the freeway at midnight in my 1988 toyota mr2!!! am i right, folks

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