"This game uses an interface where the player manipulates the main character using buttons and thumbsticks, instead of the more natural method of having them physically perform the actions themselves. Is there a thematic reason you settled on this abstraction, Mr. Kojima?" 🔸

If I wrote for a gaming news site I'd be unceremoniously fired after numerous interviews where I insistently and pointedly ask about the game developer interviewee's rationale for the lack of full-body motion tracking as their AAA non-VR game's primary method of control🔸

I'd like to do a second weekly creative stream (featuring a different project altogether) timed for American audiences; Sunday evening seems like a safe bet, though it might not happen this week 🔸

Creative stream is over and was successful (I started the process of box-modeling a kobold in Blender), which means I'll probably be continuing this project at the same time next week! Thanks again to everyone who showed up!🔸

Live in ~15 minutes for a creative stream of some sort: picarto.tv/lobst 🔸

Pokémon SM110: Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball! 

Before I put this icon into retirement, here it is in full -- if you want one in this style, don't hesitate to commission my longtime friend @demoweasel (who does these routinely)

@Lobst "Moments from My Adjustment to a Flesh Brain Inside a Turtle Body"

No regrets, of course; that self-representation was a necessary personal step for me to get to the point where I CAN feel this comfortable with who I am. And I consider myself lucky to be able to say "this escape fantasy served its purpose, and now I'm done with it"🔸

I've been thinking of shelving the robosona for a while. My tortoise is a better representation of my IRL body shape, and in recent years I've gotten more comfortable with that aspect of myself than I was when I developed the android model. Medical transition works, folks 🔸

So I think I'll give it a shot and see how it fits! My Picarto account is at picarto.tv/Lobst/ -- next stream will be something creative, at 10AM Pacific this Friday 🔸

Learning that Picarto has a Game Mode has me thinking it might be preferable to using Mixer, since I'd ideally like to stream more creative than gaming -and- I want to reduce the likelihood of random people crashing my streams/asking invasive questions 🔸

If truckin and fuckin be what ye crave

Ascend to the mountain and enter my cave

Starting in ~15 minutes, a few hours more of NieR Automata: mixer.com/lobst 🔸

Just Dance 2016 :kinect: 

Just Dance 2016 :kinect: 

Just Dance 2016 :kinect: 

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