In 15 minutes, I'll be doing a 2D pic then launching into Chrono Trigger for an unspecified amount of hours: 🔸

One of my recent functionality philosophies is "set the next task up like a domino you plan to physically topple with your body"; it's no panacea, but works often enough that I'm proud of it 🔸

Tomorrow morning has a schedule! The plan is to get my requisite exercise/sunlight before I settle in for multiple hours of streaming, taking stretch/snack breaks every two hours. No idea how it'll go, but I'm glad I'll be doing it, and I promise to be kind to myself. 🔸

@kayin I use this one:

In it, I use this option set; I haven't had to mess with it since I set it up

@kayin IMO, it's better if you only crosspost specific types of post that accommodate the etiquette of both sites; that's why I've got mine set up to only crosspost whenever I use a specific emoji

Raspberry Pi 3B+ as non-Kodi media center 

Raspberry Pi 3B+ as non-Kodi media center 

I've been trying to be conservative about my productivity estimates since I've been in a slump, but I think I can manage "firing up the stream once per day" and "switching from Krita to a game at least once" as the bare minimum to qualify this proposal as a raging success 🔸

This week from Thursday to Sunday I'll be streaming daily, starting at least the first day with creative (2D art) then gaming till I drop, starting at 12PM Pacific! The game will be the Steam version of Chrono Trigger, for better or worse: 🔸

Raspberry Pi 4 hardware plans 

"huh? yeah, i know how fluffy i look at this time in the morning"

an extra soft sketch from @softdragons2@birdsite !!

not a cell phone in sight. just living in the moment. absolutely beautiful

@irisjaycomics this seems like as good a time as any to re-post this wonderful thing you made back in 2015

Personal VR plans, rewritten a few hours later 

:kinect: future/VR update 

:kinect: future/VR update 

Raspberry Pi 4 as netbook replacement 

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