Third weekday stream takes place Fridays at 1PM, wild card theme where I play whatever I'm in the mood for. I've decided I'll also stream myself making art (sans commentary) on an unscheduled/irregular basis (but only follow for games, please)

@wolfteeth Agreed, one of the reasons I loved it (and LiveJournal) so much back in the day

Cohost username secured, if they implement RSS I'll use it; otherwise I'll probably just do longform blog updates on my personal site and Patreon

OK! In one hour (1PM PDT), assuming my ISP doesn't find some other way to utterly thwart my efforts, I'll be streaming more of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass:

It did just occur to me (having just now finished the Stardust Crusaders anime) that this combined with streaming Yakuza stands the chance of devoting an entire day of the week for months on end to manly men in burly brawls, I'll need to counterbalance this somehow

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I should probably figure out what to put on for the Saturday following the Sonic 2006 finale; I'm a fan of alternating corporate content with indie titles, though

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(setting it for after 3 since my playthrough of Yakuza Kiwami 2 is planned to be full-length with sidequests and minigames; I haven't decided what indie RPG I'll be playing after that one, I only know it'll be a short one)

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Last night I tried out the JoJo 7th Stand User RPGMaker game and you know what? it seems long as hell but I like the cut of its jib, it's on my short list of candidates for the palate-cleanser stream game after my critical-path playthrough of Yakuza 3

This Spyro run is incredible, I love speedruns where the runner's enthusiasm and execution makes the commentary couch borderline unnecessary

I think one of my next Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass streams will be a double-sized one starting 3 hours earlier than usual

In a little over an hour (1PM PDT): My internet is fixed, leaving no barriers between Shadow and his dire enemy Mephiles the Dark, after which we'll visit Silver's perspective on things:

@bug It was, but it's in the hands of my medical care team, and I'm grateful for that. I'm also glad you're taking care of yourself, and thanks for reaching out; it means a lot

Every time I attempt to look up stories of other people who've had this done (it helps when I can find them) it's 95% people treating discussion boards like their personal WebMD. The state of healthcare in this country is abysmal but get an eye exam annually if you can

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Think I've got PTSD from the eye stuff earlier this year. The treatment was obviously worth it but I'm still jumping at shadows, paranoid about sudden disorder progression, flashing back to specific moments, waking up dreading appointments long passed

Yeah, it's not happening; I'm having to connect to 4G just to send this. A housemate's getting in touch with our internet provider to get a technician sent over; hopefully our upload speed will be fixed by Saturday

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...Or not! At least this time my Internet didn't wait for the stream to start to drop upload speeds to a flatline 0. I'll see how it is an hour from now

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OK, enough queueing games to install, I've got to shower and ready up for a stream! Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass continues in less than an hour (1:30 PDT, let's say)

My life as a computer user over the last decade has frequently involved throwing myself behind alternatives to bad market leaders; it's had a lot of positive results, but I want to do my best to prevent my stubbonness in this respect from limiting my ability to succeed

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I had a series of posts earlier this year about not wanting to take Twitch subscriptions or enable alerts, but I saw a content-creator panel during Furality that made a few good points about diversifying revenue sources from streams, so I'm reconsidering that decision

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