*looks at Bethesda/InXile/Obsidian* Hmm. You ever just acquire a genre

It's easy, just take the autogenerated anime boy from this Android app, Dropbox it to your PC, drag it into this box on rigmaker.xxx, and presto, we can import this to Unity! (fade to ingame footage) Ah, and the lipsync works perfectly too, remember to like and subscribe

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Still figuring out the magic phrase to Google that'll bring up a complete workflow for turning a Blender default cube into a properly rigged VRChat model; everything I've seen so far involves uploading an existing .fbx file to an autorigging website, I don't trust like that

I recommended Obduction to Phen the other day (we both have it from a recent GOG giveaway) even though it only runs alright on my semi-modern PC and I hadn't yet solved a single puzzle in it, just because the sense of place in its open world is so strong

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I realize there's a honeymoon element in effect here, but I think I'll always want the ability to experience environments through an HMD from here on. Granted, I'm the sort of person to still fire up Mirror's Edge: Catalyst in 2020 just to hang out in its world, but still

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Last night, late at night, I found myself wanting to experience other environments, so I fired up VRChat and toured a few usermade worlds on my own. It made me want to try my hand at designing living spaces and places to explore

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do people who hate piracy also hate libraries? bc the companies they're advocating for sure do

People keep asking "but how do lesbians have children!?"

the answer is like this

Just about everything VR-compatible in my Steam/GOG libraries works without tweaking, I'm satisfied; I plan to pick up Kingspray and the deluxe Deemo Reborn next month at the very least

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Bonus, I ordered it out of frustration with having to be cooped up in the house, but my order happened to land just before this week's Oculus announcements, which apparently had loads of people scouring eBay for something they can count on not to require a Facebook account

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OK, my VR headset is here; it's a Samsung Odyssey+ with controllers. I was cagey about the model because I worried people would ask "why not a Rift S or a used first-gen Vive?" but at first glance the performance seems absolutely stellar for what I could afford

My patience for the phrase "once in a generation" relating to any kind of catastrophic event is wearing thin

(My reading level at the moment is below N5, somewhere between "I can recognize and read aloud 20% of the kanji in this sentence" and "oh shit! I just realized, I know every component of one line in a song I heard two days ago")

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finished redesigning my fightstick and topped it off with some phenomenal Blaziken art from @_knucklebone, and I cannot wait to get my ass handed to me when I take it online

π˜½π™π™π™‰ π™†π™‰π™π˜Ύπ™†π™‡π™€ β¬‡οΈβ†™οΈβ¬…οΈπŸ…ΏοΈ

Just got a box of Japanese-language magazines, games, and books from Tokyo that are not commonly available in the US. Every last one of them is way outside my reading level, but they're also a goal to shoot for in the long-term

I just want to take a moment to appreciate Avery Brooks

The new Hyrule Warriors looks rad; it is probably not going to mechanically resemble a traditional Zelda game at all, but I personally loved the first HW and am fine with this

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